Friday, April 20, 2012

The Beauty No-Buy: Update #4 and a Confessional

I've been a bad, bad girl. This was the third month of the beauty ban, and I admit that I slipped up a bit. The past month has been filled with so many temptations! I will show you what I passed on, and what I caved to. Sit tight, let's go.

"Fluff" purchases (i.e., big  no-nos on the beauty ban front)
Dior Nail Vernis in St. Tropez, $23: I've been obsessed with this color ever since it came out in limited quantities last year, and ban or no, I wasn't going to pass up the second chance to grab it. It's mine. I have no regrets. The formula is true-blue Dior (you see what I did there? True blue?) and spectacular, and this is the kind of teal I can get behind. I'm picky about my teals. This one is it, the end-all. Done and done!

MAC Viva Glam V lipstick, $14.50: Purchased for the Lipstick Bandits post. The total price of it goes to charity so I don't feel that bad. Also, if I had been thinking clearly when I made up my rules, I would have made an exception for LB-related things anyway, so...*shrug*.

MAC Extra Dimension Whisper of Gilt Highlighter, $29.00: I wanted a gold highlighter. Um, yeah. I jumped mostly because it's LE and true gold highlighters are hard to find.

MAC Heroine lipstick, $14.50: Because I like purple lipstick, and my other one grew mold.

Basics and borderlines
Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light, $20: I picked this up with the Studio Skin foundation during the Sephora VIB sale. I don't really own a concealer, so I decided I should try one out. Concealers are basics, right? And I got it on sale! Eep. I also really like it, so it's a fabulous addition to my basics.

MAC Brow Set, in clear, $15: This thing is fairly standard but new to me, and reliable. It's made doing my brows a snap.

Wedding: ban-exempt!
Smashbox Studio Skin foundation, $42: The winner of my foundation tests, I'm keeping this baby around for the wedding and just for days when I want to look fabulous and natural. It's a great foundation, and I was going to pick it up regardless. So, better do it during the 15% off sale! I will do a full review of this and the concealer soon.

Okay. So, that's a bit embarrassing, but I decided that I skipped my exemption in March, so...that softens the blow a little bit, right? In total, my "naughty" purchases comes out to $81, which isn't *so* bad...right? Right?

Passed on
Anyhow. Here's a look at all of some of the items I really wanted to buy, but passed on. Proudly. A few of them have earned spots on my wishlist, but I've learned to wait and really think about permanent items.

1. Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012 nail lacquer, $20. It's BLUE, so blue. You know how I feel about blue nail polish. I was very close to pre-ordering it, but somehow I prevailed. I'm not sure what the status of this will be once it's released for general sale, and I may need to rethink my decision at some future point, but perhaps that will be after the ban.

2. Sephora+Pantone Color of the Year Eyeliner Set, $22. They were also selling the orange eyeliner separately for a while, though I can't find it now (it was $12). The idea of an orange liner seems fascinating, but I swatched it in store and it was kind of meh. Also, I could not get the swatch off with Sephora's makeup remover, and that kind of scared me. It's a twist-up pencil as well, and so far those have not been my favorite for eye liners. A happy pass.

3. Sephora+Pantone Apricot Brandy Prisma Chrome Blush, $16. Swatched this in store, far too powdery, chunky, glittery. Total, total pass.

4. MAC Extra Dimension Modern Pewter shadow, $20. I die for olive greens like this, but I swatched it in store and decided that while it is pretty, it's not startlingly unique or a must-have. I skipped, especially because $20 for a MAC shadow is a bit hard to accept.

I've said this before, but I am trying to move in a new direction with my beauty shopping. This, however, does not apply to everyone else - just me - so don't worry, I'm not judging! Everyone has the right to handle their hobbies the way they like.

For me, though, I'm trying to be more focused. I know we all love fabulous packaging and innovative textures, but I'm trying to focus on me, not the product, if that makes any sense. When I see something new, I have to think - how is it going to look on me? Do I like the effect it would have? Is that what I'm going for? It sounds fairly obvious, but I think it's really easy to lose sight of those things when I see a new product in some new swanky compact or bottle. If I don't think it's going to flatter me in a very specific way, then I move on, because if I think about what products I truly need, the list is very short. Also, at this point, new products have to be unique, in texture or shade or function. That isn't to say that I won't still collect blue nail polish, but as you've seen, they are still all quite different. And I'm not talking, "Oh, if you squint at these swatches on my wrist you will see that there are three more sparkles in this shade versus this one." No, that kind of thing really frustrates me as a consumer. I don't care if it has three less sparkles on your wrist; on my face, or wherever it's supposed to go, do these two products look more or less the same? If yes, pass on the second one. Unless it's going to be an improvement on what I already have (meaning I can ditch the old, junk, non-functional one), it's not coming home with me. The end. We are going to be ruthless, baby. And hopefully not hypocritical.

In addition, I'm also trying to focus on skincare a lot more, and since those items can be quite pricey, it's not leaving me a lot of room for frivolous purchases. I need a new eye cream, and a new night treatment. I also plan on switching over to SLS-free shampoos and soaps, which I know will also be quite pricey. If you have any recommendations for these skincare and bath and body products, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know how you're doing with your respective bans, low-buys, etc., as well. We can cheer each other on.