Monday, April 2, 2012

All For One and One For All!

Musketeers! We can be Lipstick MUSKETEERS.

But bandits have masks. I guess that's cooler. Wait. Cooler than SWORDS??? And hats with feathers???

I am so distracted today. And I shouldn't be, because the Lipstick Bandits have something awesome for you today. We decided that it would be pretty cool to see the same lipstick on a bunch of different faces, so we chose one lipstick for all us of today. And that lipstick is...*drumroll*

MAC Viva Glam V! Bandit Tracy picked it. It's a good one, because it's part of the Viva Glam line, which means the full $14.50 of the lipstick price goes toward charity - an AIDS fund. So, I don't feel guilty about purchasing this one. And if you feel inspired and need this one, your money goes to charity, too. Win-win, right?
So. Viva Glam V. I have to admit that I didn't think this was going to work on me. These dusty pinks, they're not my friends. Even with the little flecks of gold glitter. Even though everyone says this one looks good on all peoples. I had my doubts, but...I guess everyone is right, in this case. It's a pretty effortless color, almost MLBB except for the gold glitter, which keeps it from being *too* pink. I'm not a fan of too pink. That being said, this isn't one I would have picked up on my own. I think, though, that everyone probably has a color just like this in their arsenal (or is looking for one): a really versatile, soft shade that pairs just as well with an everyday, basic look, as it does with a killer smoky eye. If you don't already have one, you might look into this one.

It is an easy-to-wear shade, so with that in mind, I decided to go for a lazy day FOTD. This means: glasses! Because sometimes I'm feeling lazy, and I want to wear glasses instead of contacts. Or my eyes are too dry, or I have a cold, or whatever the reason may be. In that case, I usually don't feel like wearing lots of makeup, so I've kept this look simple. If your glasses have bold frames like mine, I think you can get away without any eye makeup (I usually forget and rub mine off, anyway, so I don't bother any more).
Haha, my glasses are crooked. Or my face is crooked. Or both.
I just did my brows and applied some blush (MAC Harmony, for those interested) - a little more than I normally would, to make sure it shows up behind my glasses. Then, some lipstick, and bam! Still presentable! I think. Normally I would also wear some light powder (e.g., MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or the like, just to keep from becoming shiny), since heavier foundations tend to end up all over my glasses. However, I've developed a reaction to an eye cream I've been trying, so today I skipped the powder so as not to further aggravate the rash. If I'm going to be lazy, I might as well go all out, you know? In laziness, that is.

Now, off with you, to see how lovely all of the other Lipstick Bandits look in Viva Glam V.