Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Thursday Post

Snow Patrol: Called Out in the Dark. I like Snow Patrol. The end.

Creepy, and kind of gross, but also kind of cool.

These photos are beyond gorgeous, and kind of surreal in a way.

My Facebook friends have been sharing awesome stuff lately.

Blue for brown eyes. Don't be afraid of color!

I need to try this someday, when I have a lot of time.

Gorgeous, so breathtakingly gorgeous. I want a room like this!
Dennison went on his first hike this past Sunday! Well, his first hike with us. I got him a backpack. When I first put it on him, he looked unhappy and I nearly fell over laughing while S. shook his head. When we got to the state park, though, and I put it on him again, he took no notice of it - he was OUTSIDE AND THERE WERE THINGS TO SMELL. He carried his own water bowl (collapsable) and doggie bags.