Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Thursday Post

Mandy Moore: Gardenia. Hey, before you throw tomatoes, give it a listen. I actually quite like her voice, now that she's moved more into folk territory.

Click this link. Unless you're Liz :P

I love penguins! This is adorable.

This may be the coolest climbing wall, ever.

This is amaze!

I wish I had a house and plenty of monies, so that I could have a wooden bathtub. Unorthodox, but so sexy!

OMG I want some. I have no idea when I'd ever wear them, but I want them.

I wish I could planning a trip to this beautiful place. Sigh. I've been once, once enough?

!!! Please do this.
This is the Dennison Pose. It's how he spends most of his day, I'm convinced.