Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Thursday Post

JJ Grey & Mofro: The Sun is Shining Down. We were watching an episode of Flashpoint and this song came on at the end; I liked it, so I instantly googled and tracked it down. I like!

It's purple!!!

I liked Adele's Grammy mani, but it looks like too much work. That top color I could go for, though!

I'm not very DIY, but this is pretty cool.

Great mani tips! (Get it? Tips? Ha...ha.)

Awesome! We can have a Harry Potter marathon AND get in shape!

Eeee, this may be the cutest thing ever. And how cute is that little boy???

And this boy is creepy. Or well, the things going on here. Cool, though.

Annnnd...Dennison! :)
"Pictures? Again?"