Friday, March 23, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics Kiss You Off Color Rich Balms

Darling Girl Cosmetics recently (okay, like a couple of months ago) reformulated their Kiss You Off Color Rich balms, and I ordered seven of them before the ban. Erm. I like them a lot, okay? And I wanted to get my hands on the newer shades before I was banished to the land of no new purchases. I was good, though! I didn't order the red one! (I wanted it. But then I remembered this.)

I've been slowly working my way through them, which is why it's taken me so long to get this review up. As I've mentioned before, though, I really like this line. They're not drying, incredibly pigmented, and happily affordable at $4.75 each. I also like the slimline tubes, which are easy to carry around and make them easy to apply - though I will admit that a teeny tiny part of me misses the luxe packaging of my high end lipsticks. I don't miss the ridiculous price inflation, though!

The other thing that I liked about the colors I chose is that for the most part, they are not shimmery. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy some shimmer in my lip products every now and again, but usually I prefer glossy or opaque colors that are shimmer/glitter free, and you don't often find those in indie shops.
All swatched in one swipe. Awesome, right?
And there are the swatches. Aren't they lovely? The bumps are because the surface of the new balms is a little rugged, but they wear down nicely soon enough. Ms. Nude'Tude has an obvious duochrome (greenish) shimmer, and some of the others have a bit of sheen to them, but they are not glittery or sparkly. They all wear well (Oh My Darling lasted through a meal with just some reasonable fading) though they do tend to bleed around the edges after a few hours; it's nothing a lip liner won't solve, but that does detract a little from the perceived simplicity of a "tinted balm." However, these are maybe like those Revlon Lip Butters - not quite a lip butter, but really a lighter lipstick. If you like those, you'll like these. If you like lipstick, you'll like these. If you're trying to take a step up into lipstick, you'll like these.

Demure is a high gloss plummy pink - the kind of color many ladies love.
Ms. Nude'Tude is a shimmery mauve with an iridescent sheen to it.
Oh My Darling is a glossy tangerine.
Pebbles is a glossy coral with a beautiful, faint lavender sheen.
Sanctuary is dark. It's a vampy plum, and quite possibly the darkest lip color I own.
Tan Lines is a creamy, warm beige.
Velvet Rose is a soft strawberry red with the barest hint of a sheen. Extremely ready-to-wear.
Ms. Nude'Tude
Oh My Darling
Velvet Rose.
I'll have lip swatches up for the other two in a little while (Sanctuary and Tan Lines). Though I'm not particularly a fan of Ms. Nude'Tude and Tan Lines against my coloring, the quality of both of those are on par with the rest, though, so if they seem like your sort of color, don't let my tastes stop you. My favorites? Oh My Darling, Pebbles - yes, I like brights - Demure, and Sanctuary. Velvet Rose is pretty, too. Oh okay, so I like pretty much all of the other ones. This is good, right?

They are $4.75 each and can be purchased at the Darling Girl Cosmetics shop. They come in two formulas - one with shea butter, and one without, for those with allergies. All ingredients are listed on the product page, which I really appreciate. If you're looking for a budget-friendly and fabulous lip product - perhaps dipping a toe into new colors without too much of a monetary investment? - I'd take a peek at the shop!