Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bronzer + Illuminator Inventory

Ha! I bet you weren't expecting that, right? I have two full powders (one purchased, one received as a gift), a GWP sample of a Fyrinnae highlighter, three mini highlighter/colors from Darling Girl Cosmetics, and a GWP mini Tarte bronzer.

The Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous is a rose gold shimmery powder; it's not as finely milled as some but it's still not glittery or chunky. The Dior Aurora powder is a bronzing glow powder that is a favorite amongst beauty fiends, and I hope they come out with something similar very soon. It's lovely. Tarte's bronzer is nice, but still sparkly - I'd prefer a browner matte. The Darling Girl Cosmetics Spectral Shifts are colored and shimmery, but act as a nice highlight on cheeks or browbones - yes, even the teal one. Fyrinnae's Center Stage is a beautiful, shimmery soft peachy powder; I really like it, but think I prefer liquid or pressed powder illuminators, as they're less messy. 

I think I have room for a champagne-colored illuminator and a matte bronzer, but that will probably be the end of it. Paltry stash, huh? I guess these are things I don't really use that often! Or, well, that I don't need variety in? Even with just this, I will admit that some of them rarely get used; I hardly use the DG Spectral Shifts (I should try to use them more often, but I just don't, erm, "illuminate" that often!) or the Tarte bronzer. I think I do want a liquid luminizer that I can mix into foundation, and have my eye on a few, but that's it for me.

Do you have a favorite matte bronzer - one that's not too orange? What about a favorite liquid illuminator? I'd love to hear about what's in your stash!