Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Thursday Post

Drake feat. Rihanna: Take Care. I like it. It's catchy.

It's my brother's 21st birthday today! Happy birthday :D I'm not home to buy him a drink, but at least he can have wine at my wedding now, right?

Um, this is the cutest lip balm ever.

These are cute! I'm not sure I'm hipster enough for them, though. Wayfarers fall off my nose and stuff.

Haha, look! A detailed map of the nation's trees!

Pretty, so pretty. Love the full lash look this spring!

The one about the brain and the cantaloupe made me laugh.

Dennison! He loves this toy. S. and I are both surprised that he hasn't torn it up yet, but he seems content to just chase after it, nom on it gently and carry it around.