Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Reads for the Weekend: Link Love

I'm running around a bit right now (okay, *right* now I'm having lunch, but I will be running around again!) trying to do some errands and take the dog outside to enjoy the sunny weather. Then I'm going to sit down and chat about the Oscars with my girls. I have some fun posts this week, but for now, here are some reads I've enjoyed this week and weekend, though!
  • Cherries in the Snow - did you know it's a dessert, as well as that iconic Revlon color? - Lenallure
  • I want to try this reverse-gradient flakie manicure. It looks almost easy enough for me to try - Laura's Lacquers
  • Kimchee and...cheese?  (S. says no. Haha) - Beyond Kimchee
  • Is it summer yet? I'm not really a beach girl, despite having grown up in HI, but Liz has me missing home a little bit. Home and sunshine - Beauty Reductionista
  • Eugenia's stunning take on Adele's Louboutin manicure. - Ommorphia Beauty Bar
  • Restore the softness of your expensive brushes - Sudo-Beautify
  • Mint green, cream, gold tan - lovely. - Fairytale Wishes and Dreams
  • Wanna know how much you're paying per weight of your shiny blush? - Beauty Obsessed
Okay, I'm out! To the dog park we go ;) Any fun reads to share with me?