Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A England Tristam

Aren't they gorgeous? Love the branding and the sleek lines of the bottle.
Everyone has been going crazy over A England's The Legends collection lately, but I'm a little behind. I'm here to show you...some of The Mythicals!

A England had a sale at the beginning of the year, and it was a good one - 30% off. Since they also offer free worldwide shipping, I finally made an order. I kept my order down to two polishes, since price in pounds confuses me (I just input it into Google and ask for the conversion, but still, it's easy to get carried away when I'm not looking at straight-up $ signs), and it was hard to narrow it down. In the end, I picked Camelot ("black onix glaze with unique luster"), and Tristam ("night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow," descriptions taken from A England's site), which is a navy blue holo. Many thanks to Eugenia for her great swatches and help in narrowing it down!

I love the fact that the collections are based on mythology and stories, because I adore those sorts of things. As a kid, I devoured Greek and Roman myths, as well as Celtic tales; I didn't delve so much into Norse mythology, but I think I will start to do that now. I have a soft spot for very old stories. I'm not too familiar with Tristam's role in the Arthurian legend, but since A Once and Future King is on my reading list, hopefully I'll figure it out someday. For now, I'll just appreciate this polish, because it is gorgeous.
Two coats of Tristam with Zoya base and top coats. This is inside, without direct light, it looks like a navy blue with lots of silver sparkle. I liked it immediately.

And then, I went outside.
The sneakily silver sparkles turned into a myriad of colors! So. Pretty. This is my first holo, too, which is wildly exciting.

Here's another shot, to hopefully better capture that holo goodness. 
You may have already guessed, but I have a soft spot for blue polishes. Which makes this even more appealing to me. It's kind of a denim color, deep and dark and not too warm, which is lovely. I think the base color is possibly similar to Dior's Tuxedo, but really, with the holo, this is an entirely different beast. A hot one.

The formula for Tristam is a little thick, but applies smoothly and dries fairly quickly. I think with the A England top and base coats, I'd have an even better time of it, and those are definitely on my wish list. Tristam dries to a super glossy finish all on its own, which I really love. I also want to try wearing this matte, because I think it might look awesome.

A England polishes are £ 9, which is roughly $14.25 US. They always offer free shipping, and since I scooped these up during the anniversary sale, I paid $19.95 for two polishes. I'll try to have Camelot up for you soon, and I also have three of the new Legends polishes, too, so watch this space. I definitely think you should try some, if you haven't already; I have a few others from The Mythicals collection on my wishlist: Iseult and Morgan Le Fay. Have you tried any? Do you have a favorite?