Monday, February 27, 2012

The Blush Count

Yes, it's an inventory post, à la Liz. The blush fiends made me count. Here they all are - Tracy said bronzers and illuminators don't count, so that's going to be another post.
Erm, clearly, I like MAC blushes. *cough*
MAC: Harmony, Frankly Scarlet, Sakura (mineralize blush from the Quite Cute collection), Early Morning, Subtle Breeze, Fresh Honey (all three mineralize blushes from Naturally)
Clinique: Black Honey gradient blush
Silk Naturals: Entice*, Cherry Bomb*
Smashbox: Radiance
Makeup Forever: Quickie cream blush
Illamasqua: Libido cream blush
The MAC Mineralize blushes. 
Matte powder blushes (well, actually, Black Honey might have a *faint* shimmer to it, but it never shows up on my cheeks so I consider it matte for all intents and purposes.
My cream blushes.
I like blushes that are all mostly different in color; I'm not one to collect five different cool pink blushes or whatever. The average person could probably get away with one blush and one bronzer, if they kept their makeup simple and similar every day. But I think of it like this: I like to change my eye shadow colors frequently (as in, I usually don't wear the same eye colors twice in a row, even), so I need the appropriate complementary blush. If I wear a cool gray shadow, for example, I want a cool pink/lavender blush. If I wear a warm gray shadow, then I want a warmer pink blush. Is it necessary to have twelve blushes? Well, no, but sometimes I still feel like I don't have quite the color that would complete my face. I think I could be better about mixing them up to create colors, though, or layering them more creatively. I could always turn more eye shadows into blush, after all.

Realistically, I probably will buy more blush at some point, but I don't have a really pressing need for any, even though I do oooh and ahhh over every new one. I think the next one I buy will be a true peachy cream blush, like Illamasqua Rude. I like cream blushes. I wish my stash was made up of more of them, but then I suppose they don't really keep as long, huh?

Now, I know I'm on a ban, but curiosity compels me to ask: what is your favorite blush? Is there something you think I should have? Or is twelve blushes already ridiculous?

*Items marked with a star were sent by the company for evaluation.