Friday, February 24, 2012

The Beauty No-Buy: Update 2

So, another few weeks have passed, and I still haven't bought anything beauty-related! I think it's been about a month, total, and I haven't purchased any makeup for myself, really. Not even basics, like skincare. I think I'm still good for another month or so on those items, even. *throws confetti*

Here are more "things-I've-been-doing-to-keep-me-from-shopping:"
  • I've switched from reading reviews of new products, to looking up reviews - and sometimes video tutorials - about products I already own, so that I can find new ways to use them. I'm not much for videos, actually (I usually have music on and videos take too much attention and time to watch) but I do occasionally watch Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo.
  • Spent some time doing research on wedding makeup. I don't want to buy tons and tons of things. I want to be able to use some things I have, and buy what I need - foundation, under-eye concealer, setting powder, things like that. Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions on a wedding look? What kinds of things did you go for? What kinds of things would you like for yourself?
The other thing I've been doing? Working on my wishlist! Yes, I can't buy anything on it, but this whole ban thing is actually making me carefully reconsider every item's worthiness. Is it awesome enough to be on my wishlist? Is it awesome enough for me to spend money on it? Will I wear it? Can I find something better? I'd really like to think that I'm becoming more selective in the items that I purchase. Maybe. Ha!

I've also been working on a list of non-makeup things that I want/need to buy (yes, such things exist). I had to buy some new, um, undergarments, which are really boring things to shop for - especially stuff like sports bras and T-shirt bras. But I've needed new ones for a while, so it was nice to finally get that out of the way. Most of the other items on my list are also practical, like new socks. Sad, huh? But it's kind of grounding, to realize what I can really buy if I don't buy that Edward Bess bronzer or that new perfume. These things may not be as exciting, but there is something happy about a new sports bra or cute new leg warmers. I also want those TOMS flats in a fun color, like blue. And I have always loved shoes, so I've been looking at them more often. Some of my favorites so far:
image source: Nordstrom
DV by Dolce Vita "Jude" Sandals in red, $89.95. I love the bright color and the suede! (Oh wait. I already have red sandals.)
image source: Nordstrom
Vince Camuto "Ladell" pump in light beige, $118.95. The pop of color on the heel is awesome. However, I've seen these in person and they feel really cheap - the heel also looks really high. It's a shame, because I rather like the color-blocking shoe trend.
image source: Nordstrom
Earthies "Lucia Too" sandals in Light Khaki, $148.95. These look comfy and casual! I like 'em.
image source: Nordstrom
Betsey Johnson "Gemmma" pump (yes, it has that many "m's"), $149.95. I cannot pull off this heel, and the bulky shape is a bit too Kardashian for me, but I adore the royal blue shade.

Sigh. Shoes. I love them. I just ordered a pair of Cole Haan rain boots (the Lizzie style, in red!) because my old ones, which I wore faithfully for the past four years, have finally torn and are beyond repair. I love them; they're comfy and completely waterproof! Since I need to wear rain boots for approximately 8 months out of the year, I feel it's a good idea to invest in solid ones. My old ones were black, but this time I decided to go for red. My coats are black and sometimes I feel like I want bright boots. So here we go.
image source: Kaboodle
I also need a new pair of easy-breezy sandals soon, since my favorite pair finally broke last summer, and I need new ones for this summer. Maybe those Earthies? Any hot shoes on your wishlist lately? How are you doing with your bans (if you're on one!) or what exciting purchases have you made? I will live vicariously!