Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Very Beginning

Over the new year, the Lipstick Bandits decided that we'd gently encourage non-lipstick wears to try some out. With that in mind, we decided to pull out all of our "starter" lipsticks - our first tubes, or the ones that got us going in this downward spiral of lipstick obsession. These are meant to be easy-to-wear, non-scary, soft, pretty shades that give you a boost in the right direction. If you're already a lipstick pro, feel free to reminisce with us!

Some of us couldn't remember our first lipstick or no longer had it, so it might be the close second or third for some Bandits. The idea is the same though - something to ease you into the practice. Everyone has something different!

Here's mine. I only started wearing lipstick in, say, spring of 2011? Oh, sure, I'd worn it once or twice before for prom or something, but I usually felt like lipstick made my face look funny (I actually still have that feeling quite often, ha!). I made the mistake of admitting this to Rae, though, and I was severely admonished. So I slunk off to MAC to peruse lipsticks, and, er,'s a slippery slope. Join us!

My first lipstick? It's not soft and pink and barely there (oops), but it's extremely easy to wear and - I feel - flattering on many skin tones. It's sheer but still noticeable, and has a comfortable formula. It is...
MAC Hot Tahiti. It's a glaze finish (one of very few) and still one of my favorite MAC lipsticks. It's red, I know. I know. But it's not scary red. It isn't! See?
The color is kind of a muted, dusty soft red that looks almost natural, I think. In the beginning, when I was still feeling tentative about this, I tried to pair it with barely-there eyes and a mostly natural-looking face, because I was afraid lipstick would overwhelm my face if I tried to wear it with bright blush and bright eyes.
On lips: MAC Hot Tahiti (glaze).
Then, when you're feeling braver, you can keep the same overall makeup, and just swap the lipstick out for a more intense one. Like Bite Beauty's Pomegranate High Pigment Matte pencil - a favorite of mine.
Ramping it up! On lips: Bite Beauty Pomegranate.
I know - baby steps. Red still scares me, to be honest. But I figure, you're only young once, right? If not now, when?

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What was your first lipstick?