Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish

Last year I used a Dr. Brandt exfoliator that I received free during the skincare promotion that Sephora was doing at the time. It was nice, though I don't know that it's worth the $75 it costs to buy a full version, so when I ran out, I went looking for another option.

Vijaya of Fierce Nerditude had reviewed this in the past, so I looked this one up again and decided to give it a go. It's pretty affordable, given how big the tube is (7 oz!). It's touted as a "face and body scrub," which is probably why it's so big. I usually just exfoliate my face, though, so even sharing this with S., this may take a while to go through (why yes, I make S. use a few products. Wouldn't you?); only the smallest of dabs (about a pea-sized drop) is enough for the entire face.

The scrub itself is pretty grainy, though not nearly as rough as that St. Ives stuff. It's definitely coarser than the Dr. Brandt's, though. It's not too abrasive on my skin (I rub it around gently all over my face and then rinse it off) and my skin does really feel great afterward; it's got a little bit of a glow, and feels refreshed. I use this about two or three times a week. One note - I was curious, so I watched when S. washed his face, once (I'm a creeper, I know) - and I am happy to report that yes, it does foam. So its name is not misleading. I'm not sure why an exfoliator needs to foam, but this will fulfill your foaming quota. If you have such a thing. I don't know.

The one problem I have with this is the smell. It's not extremely strong and doesn't last at all after you rinse the scrub off (thank goodness), but it's...odd. It smells kind of like plastic, but also faintly herbal, so it smells like...herbal...plastic?

... ... ...

Yeah, that's what I'm going to go with. It kind of reminds me faintly of ginseng (which is in here, and I can't stand that stuff as food/drink, even though it's supposed to have all kinds of nutritional value) and faintly of weird plasticky stuff, and I can't decide which one is more accurate. I just hold my breath, scrub my face, and wash it all off - ta-da! S. has been using this, as well, and hasn't mentioned anything about the smell, though, so it could be that I'm just overly sensitive (or he's just horrifyingly insensitive) to fragrances.
You will notice that this contains camphor. From what I could tell, camphor is FDA approved in small concentrations and for skin treatments (it's also in Vick's Vapor Rub, apparently). If you have a sensitivity, though, of course it's best to find something better suited to you. And, as always, please do your own research - I am not a health care professional and can only report on information that is already available to the public.

Try it if: You're looking for a reasonably priced facial scrub to exfoliate a few times a week. I wouldn't recommend using this more often - it is rather coarse. I do notice a change in my skin after use, so I'd say it does its job, and my skin does feel nice afterward. Not sure if I would repurchase - there are just so many other things out there, and this is probably a little more rough than I would really like.
Skip it if: You hate scented products or prefer chemical exfoliators. I don't think it's an added, synthetic fragrance - probably just a result of the ingredients - but it's a bit, erm, unique. Also, it is quite coarse, so if you want a gentler scrub, I'd skip.

$18 for 7 oz (which is huge!) online only with Sephora.