Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Thursday Post

Meg Myers: Monster. Amazing, amazing, amazing. My best find of the year so far (ha!).

Last week it snowed, and we got snow days! So did the animals at the local zoo! We love the zoo and usually go at least once a year.

I am loving these frothy, light, pastel, ethereal creations!

Collections like this make me very, very sad about my ban. I have such a soft spot for Dior polish. And deep purples. *tear*

Love this. Tilda Swinton as David Bowie.

Food pr0n. Canlis is arguably one of the most expensive, extravagant restaurants in the city, and we will prolly never be able to eat there. So I will just ogle.

I think this may be slightly *too* science geek-y for us, but I'm really glad that someone out there did it.

Shop MAC, Cook MAC? It seems like this collection has gotten a lot of controversy, though I personally am not offended; I think it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Which isn't to say that MAC is always in the right (remember Rodarte?). Ah, well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The Tendertones look interesting, but I'm skipping this entire thing (the ban, you know?). However, I'm sure some of you will be interested to know that they're re-promoting Runaway Red in this collection... ;)