Friday, January 20, 2012

This is it. Doom.

Doom! (This is his terrified vacuum face.)
Hahaha okay, I couldn't help myself. But in all seriousness, the time has come. The wedding is this year (which I'm still sort of processing, actually - it hasn't quite hit me, the gravity of this whole marriage thing) and I could use some extra money, so I need to cut the superfluous expenses (also, am I the only one who finds the word "superfluous," superfluous?). You know what that means, my pretties: a ban. But there will be rules! And structure! And also exceptions, because I still haven't found the perfect, SPF-free foundation for the wedding.

But. Otherwise, I really don't need any more stuff. I have a huge backlog of things to post about and try out, so don't worry - the product reviews, looks, color features, etc. won't stop. Here's a preview of some of the things that are upcoming:
  • Illamasqua Libido cream blush
  • Dior Electric Blue, Butter London The Black Knight, A England Camelot, Tristam nail polishes
  • MAC Neon Orange lipstick
  • MAC Narcissus cremesheen
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
  • Real Techniques + EcoTools brushes
  • more Sweet Anthem perfumes
  • skincare products
  • Sephora Hot Hues shadow palette
  • Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick
  • more Foodie Friday and Fitness Friday posts
  • FOTDs, EOTDs
I'm getting a little bit intimidated just looking at that list. See? This is why I need to cut down. I'm also going to be posting some updates on how the ban is going, hopefully to share some tips and successes along the way. I'll probably keep a running wishlist of all the things I want and am passing up, and the things I'm doing to try to keep myself from breaking the ban. Feel free to share any tips that you have, as well, and if you're doing a ban - I'd love to know about that, too!

Here are the details of my self-imposed beauty ban:
  • The ban is going from Jan. 20 (today) to June 20. Eeeeeek.
  • The exceptions are: skincare and basics; I don't want to be without sunscreen or black eye liner, for example. However, I can only replace items I'm running out of as necessary, not hoard excess products.
  • I do need to find makeup basics for my wedding. I think I want to have my makeup done by a professional, but since I have a paraben allergy, I need to prep my own kit so that I know all of my items are safe for me to use. I need a foundation that is photography friendly with no SPF or shimmer, so the hunt has begun. I also need a shade for my brows. And for my nails. I know the wedding is not until October, but I am doing this a little at a time, here and there. I want to give everything a proper test run before then! Don't want to be stuck with nail polish that chips after five hours or melty, awful foundation, right?
  • My best friend is coming to visit in March and I know we'll shop, so I'm allowing myself a small break when she comes up; still, I don't want to go nuts, so I'm going to say I can buy 2 things < $75.
  • Gift cards don't count, but there are no holidays coming up for little old me, so I doubt this is a necessary rule.
  • PR/company samples do not count.
I know there are a couple of other bloggers who are on the quest to cut down; Liz, MM, Ashley, Latoya and Tracy are all doing different bans, so be sure to keep up with them to see how they are doing!