Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Picks from MAC Naturally: Blush Fiend-in-Training

I wasn't initially excited by this collection (and to be honest - I've given up trying to keep up with MAC collections) but then Danielle swatched Fresh Honey and I was like *__* and raced to a MAC store to do some swatching of my own. They only had the preview for the collection out when I went at the end of December, so I wasn't able to bring anything home, but I got to try things and found out the general release date. Then I saw on Twitter that these babies were posted on the website on the 2nd, so bam! I ordered. It was bad.
You see? Bad. Clockwise, starting from the left: Fresh Honey, Early Morning, Subtle Breeze. All are mineralize blushes.

I was trying to be good, you see; when I went in to see the collection, the SA (who was surprisingly sweet and helpful for a MAC associate - come on, you know that's not the norm there) applied Early Morning on my cheeks (on top of the Dior Aurora I was wearing that day) and I was smitten, but I came home and attempted to see if I had a dupe in my stash (warning - long stories and some blush pr0n here!).

At the end of the day, I wiped off one cheek, and then tested my blushes on the other cheek to compare. (This is the important thing, I feel, as some products look vastly different in arm swatches but virtually identical on the face, so I always try to swatch on my face or my eyes or wherever the product was intended to be used when I am checking for dupes.) I even got S. to help me. I'm going to share that exchange with you because it was hilarious. The partners of beauty bloggers need to start their own club, I think. They do absorb some of the nonsense we talk about!
This was comparison 1. They don't look alike in the pan, and they don't look at all alike on my cheeks, either. Frankly Scarlet is cooler, redder; Early Morning is warmer, browner.

Anyway. Back to my comparison efforts. First, I tried MAC Frankly Scarlet, which from the pan, I thought would be slightly cooler and too red, but I tried it anyway. Verdict? I was correct - it's a cool, matte red on my cheeks and nothing like Early Morning. S. concurred. I moved on.

Next was Tarte Tipsy. I thought it might be close, but when I put it on it was obviously much peachier than Early Morning. I asked S. what he thought.

Me: "What do you think?"
S.: "No, that one's definitely darker (pointing at the Early Morning cheek)."
Me: "Yeah, you're right - it's warmer, more brown."
S.: "That's what I said."
Me: "What? You just said it was darker."
S.: "I'm a boy. Things are either darker, or lighter. Brown is darker, is it not?"
Me: "..."
S.: "Well, next time don't ask the color blind kid to help you, then." (He is partially shade-blind, actually. It's quite hilarious when we go climbing, as he can't always distinguish between the different colored tapes...while he's on the wall.)

The consensus was, they were still different. So I tried putting some MAC Harmony on top, to try to add some brown to the peach Tipsy. The color was getting closer, so I asked S. again what he thought.

S.: "That one...(pointing to the Early Morning cheek), I dunno if it's just because you wore it all day so now it's absorbed the oil in your face or whatever, but it's got a sheen to it."
Me: "Oh! Yeah! It's supposed to - they're mineralize blushes so they're supposed to have this glow to them." (I was utterly stunned that he noticed this, by the way).
S.: "Oh okay, yeah. It's there. The other one doesn't -"
Me: "It's matte?"
S.: "Yeah! Yeah that."
Me: (Rummaging through and taking out the Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous illuminator, applying it over the Tarte Tipsy + MAC Harmony combo): "Okay, how about now?"
S.: (peering closely at both of my cheeks): "No, this one (Early Morning) is like overall glowy, but the other one (Tipsy + Harmony + RR) has individual sparkles that you can see. It's still the one on the bottom plus individual glitter things on top."
Me: (absolutely astounded): "Huh. Yeah. You're right. Well." (Pause). "I guess I tried. They're not the same, after all! Hurray! I get to buy a new blush!"
L-R: Subtle Breeze, Fresh Honey, Early Morning, swatched with my finger. You can see that they have that "mineralize" sheen, which is glowy but not sparkly or glittery.

And, erm, well, I bought all three...*hangs head in shame.* Early Morning is reddish-brown, nothing like the weird peachy-pink description that MAC gives it, but I prefer this shade to their imagined product. It is gorgeous.
I thought maybe Fresh Honey would show up brown on my cheeks, but it's definitely orangish. Harmony is brown/rose, so they're quite different.

Fresh Honey is the second one, and I bought it is orange. Orange, but not red. I like!

And then Dani made me buy Subtle Breeze. I blame her entirely. I was sitting all good with my two picks, and then she tweeted "I hope you're getting Subtle Breeze!" and I was all "Noooo...should I??? But it's pink!"
They all are, admittedly, quite different - even on cheeks. The other pinks I have are even cooler (actually...why do I have two of those?) and Subtle Breeze is a slightly warmer, rosier color.

Cue conversation between Dani and Danielle about the nuances of pink blush and how it's different from the pinks I have, and there it went, into my cart. Damnit. Liz and Tracy and Paris are proud of me, I know it. They're the big boss blush fiends!

The blushes are beautiful and I don't regret springing for all three; I feel they are actually distinctly different on my face. They are definitely powdery - when you run a stiff brush against them, all kinds of fallout happens, but I just try to gently dip my brush in and it seems to be fine. Plus, blush pans are so big, I'm not really worried about running out due to a bit of fallout, you know? They are not powdery on skin - they blend seamlessly in. The pigmentation is great and they wear all day (though I typically do not have problems with blush fading over the course of a day), and they have that nice sheen (that even S. picked up on, ha!) to them which gives me a bit of a glow. None of my other blushes have that quality, since I usually pick matte or cream blushes. I like! I also need no more blush. Ever.

Okay, so that's all I bought from the collection. I passed on both MSFs and all four lipsticks because I can't pull off corpse face very well. I'm still looking for a nude lipstick, but I swatched one that I liked from Smashbox's new line (though I forgot what it was called, eh) so I'm gonna hold out for that one. I did pick up MAC Neon Orange (this time the blame is on Tracy) and the Narcissus Cremesheen. I haven't had a chance to give either of those a go yet, but they look pretty.

Did you buy anything from Naturally or Iris Apfel?