Monday, January 9, 2012

I Finally Did It: I Ordered From Fyrinnae

Those are the spoils, my pretties. All are sample sizes (which is enough to last anyone a looooong time, in my opinion), $2.00 each. Well worth it!

I have to say that the long turn-around time on the website has deterred me from ordering for a long time, but I *think* it is an overestimate to give Fyrinnae sufficient time to have orders out and never risk going over their stated TAT. I ordered on Dec. 18 when the TAT was something like 21 days (I can't remember, eh) but it was the first "Breaking the eye shadow ban" purchase so I was prepared to wait, anyway. However, I got my shipping notification on Dec. 21st, and well, since Fyrinnae appears to be based in Tacoma, WA, which is about an hour's drive from package arrived the next day. I was ecstatic. Early Christmas present!
Shadows came all secure in this cardboard sleeve. All the jars were tightly sealed - no spills! Dennison had to check it out and this photo was too adorable not to post.

The website isn't the best I've seen, but it's functioning. The one thing I wish they had: better swatches. You need to google swatches on your own if you want any indication of what these shadows actually look like. Some of the posts I used to make my picks:
There is one caveat though - Fyrinnae's shadows are constantly rotating, it seems, or reformulated, so some of the older shadows are no longer offered, or have been changed. I looked at what was offered on Fyrinnae's site, picked out some that looked promising, and then googled those specific ones.

Here are my swatches. They are all swatched over Silk Naturals Stick 'Em Shadow Enhancer* which I think works pretty well, though next time I may order the famous Pixie Epoxy just to compare. These shadows wear incredibly. They pack a ton of color, smooth over the eye so gently, and stay all day (over my primer) without creasing or fading. I have a lot of other eye shadows, and I have to say that these are definitely some of the easiest to work with, despite being loose shadows. You don't have to pack on shadow to get color, and the shades are complex and beautiful. I am so impressed, and can't believe I waited all this time to order.
Natural (crappy) light, swatched over Silk Naturals Stick 'Em Shadow Enhancer*. L-R: Jade Ghost, Polar Bear, Damn Paladins, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Fire Opal, Mephisto, Fyre & Ice, Wicked, Dokk√°lfar, Tyr (free sample). Click for a larger version!

Under Ottlite, same order. 
Those swatches aren't the best; I have more! These are messier, but better reflect the true colors of the shadows. Again, all swatched over Silk Naturals Stick 'Em Shadow Enhancer*.

Oops, realized this is the only swatch of Madam's and Eve that I did!

My favorites? Jade Ghost, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Fire Opal, Mephisto, Tyr. But I like them all. Will need to get some Pixie Epoxy, I think, to get better wear out of them. And here's one more set of swatches, just so you can seeeeeee the beauty of these things.
Mephisto on top, Fyre & Ice on bottom. Aren't they fabulous? That sheen! That glitter!
So I guess you can tell that this is not going to be the last time I order from Fyrinnae. I am excited to do some looks with these, but I think I need that dratted Epoxy for best results. It will be epic. I also want to try a Lip Lustre (Romantique).

Do you have any Fyrinnae favorites? Anything catch your eye?

*Items marked with a star were sent by the company for evaluation.