Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dior Electric Blue

Squee! It's as blue as I had hoped.
This is Dior 606 Electric Blue, from the Anselm Reyle collection. I *think* it's exclusive to Saks and Dior.com; I ordered mine from Saks because at the time, the Dior website was not functioning properly.

I wanted more of the Anselm Reyle collection colors (specifically, that hot pink), but I made myself stick to the one that I wanted the most. I love blue nail polish and I find that bright royal blue creams are rare. They're either navy, or teal, or baby blue (which are all lovely in their own way, but still not royal blue) - or they're chock full of glitter/shimmer. I love the intensity of a good blue nail color. I have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, which would be my favorite except that it has horrible wear - it chips and cracks off in a day or two, which is abominable. I was hoping this would match the intensity and brightness of that shade but improve upon the wear with Dior's awesome formula. Does it?
Dior Electric Blue, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. Can you see the snow???

Well, yes, and no. The Dior is slightly darker, less fluorescent, and thinner; Pacific Blue is nearly opaque in one coat, but Electric Blue takes two. However, Dior's formula is much easier to work with, and while Pacific Blue chips on me insanely fast (sometimes even before the 24-hour mark), Dior wears well for about a week with only minor tip wear. I think it's worth the trade-off.
One coat each on bare nails. You can see that Pacific Blue is lighter, more opaque; Electric Blue has a bit of gravity to it and is thinner.

The difference is more obvious in two coats, here.
Two coats of each, on bare nails. Let's ignore my wrinkly looking fingers, shall we?

And here's one with flash, to show you what they look like under most lights.
Two coats on bare nails, with flash. I should have drawn faces on my fingers or something. Bah. Opportunity lost!

So while I am a bit sad that Electric Blue isn't quite as neon as Pacific Blue, I am by no means disappointed in this purchase. This is how I generally feel about "almost-dupes," anyway; if you don't have them both on your nails to compare, you can't really tell the difference, sometimes. Electric Blue is plenty blue and plenty electric, and it satisfies me immensely. Even though Pacific Blue is brighter, the wear is so horrible that I'm happily retiring it, now that Electric Blue sits in my stash. My Dior polish count is up to four! Ha!
Two coats of Electric Blue over a Zoya base coat and topped off with Zoya Armor. Glossy and perfect! This one wore for a week with minor tip wear, as well, just like the other Dior polishes I have.

Electric Blue is part of the limited edition Anselm Reyle collection and retails for $23 at Saks Fifth Avenue or Dior.com.