Friday, January 6, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Christmas Goodies!

The collection is called "A Darling Deer Christmas" and features all kinds of goodies; I purchased a Yule's Angel Aqua liner (gold liquid liner), and two Kiss You Off Color Rich balms during the Black Friday sale that Susan held. One is Cookies for Claus, which is described as a "wine with pink shimmer and gold reflect" (from the site description), and the other is Holly Jolly, a "pigmented true red loaded with color shifting glitter that shifts from gold, green to blue." Holly Jolly was actually formulated as a gloss, but I suck at applying gloss and rarely wear them; since I loved the color, Susan made it for me as a balm. Many thanks, because I adore this one. Eek, I'm getting ahead of myself.
The two shadows in bags were freebie samples, and the mini jar is a GWP - they change every week. I appreciate that all of the labels have the ingredients printed on them, except for the GWP. It would be nice if that came with a tiny insert or slip, as well, but I know it's hard when the colors rotate out every week.

The items came within the stated TAT (it was 14-21 business days at the time of the order) and everything was tightly packed, as usual. Every package I've received from the company has always been carefully packed, so I haven't had any spills or leaks.
The liquid liner has its own sticker seal to keep the cap from moving around.

The company's tinted balms are some of my favorites, and I love that there are always new colors coming out in the seasonal collections. This time I limited myself to two. They are both different, and very pretty. (I learned recently that Susan is pulling all of the tinted balms and releasing new ones...!)
Swatched on bare skin, no flash, natural light.

And here's one with flash, so you can see the shimmer/sheen of each. I also swatched the Aqua Liner in this one.
Top to bottom: Yule's Angel Aqua Liner, Cookies for Claus Kiss You Off Color Rich Balm, Holly Jolly Kiss You Off Color Rich Balm. See the pretty pink sheen in Cookies for Claus? And the gold/green sparkle in Holly Jolly? So pretty!

The balms are definitely "color rich," as advertised, but they have the sheer quality of most other tinted balms, rather than being creamy or opaque. I really like these. Cookies for Claus is slightly drier than Holly Jolly, but I think it's a result of the intense shimmer content. I do notice that despite the drier feel, it also one tends to travel a bit more (Confusing, but I've noticed it getting on my teeth on several occasions, yikes!) than any other balm I've tried, but apply with a light hand and you should be fine.
Holly Jolly - I love this color! Wanna see it layered under green gloss?
Cookies for Claus. Definitely has a cool purple/pink sheen. And we'll ignore how different my lips look in this swatch versus the one above. They're the same lips, I promise.
I also layered Cookies for Claus under Vampire's Kiss (from the Darling Ghoul collection) because it is a purple glitter gloss - it's rather fun.
Cookies for Claus under Vampire's Kiss. Less frosty, more glittery and glossy. Both ways are lovely!
Both balms make me very happy, and I love the colors. Holly Jolly is an especially easy one to wear, and instantly brightens up a look without being over-the-top. The tinted balms are so easy to wear when I want a wash of color, but don't want the opaque, dramatic look of lipstick (despite my love for it, I often feel overdone in I the only one?).

The other product I bought was the Yule's Angel Aqua Liner. It is a gorgeous gold color, though I'm used to a thinner, smoother formula for liquid liners. The applicator is stiff and a bit thick, and the product itself is a bit thick - and tends to clump - so you won't get super thin, dainty lines. You need to be sure to rub out any aggregation of product so that you have a smooth tip to start, but the formula is fairly easy to work with, and over a base, it stays put all day. The swatch on my hand rubbed off easily, though, so I'd definitely say you have to work with a primer. I use it in a double winged look so that I still have black on the bottom to give my eyes definition, and I'm very happy with the color and sheen.

You can't really shake it to stir it up, so I just swirl the wand around in the jar for a bit before use, and wipe the excess off on the rim. The formula is thicker than your typical liquid liner.

Easy EOTD: Sephora Long-lasting liner in 01 Black along lashline, UD Bourbon layered over it; DGC Yule's Angel lined directly above it (double liner). Erm, why yes, I used three eye liners...why?
All in all, I'm quite pleased with my latest purchase from Darling Girl Cosmetics! The Darling Deer items should be up for a little while more. There is a small Valentine's collection coming out next month, I believe, and Susan hopes to get the new tinted lip balms listed at the end of this month (I am so excited!). These are probably my favorite formula for tinted balms, so you know I'll be picking up some more! Did you pick up anything from the Christmas collection? Anything new catch your eye?