Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cartoon EOTD: Make it Blue! Make it Pink!

Another Saturday, another fairy. Or handful of them. I did Tinkerbell last time and this week I'm doing two of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Mostly because Tracy is doing Princess Aurora for Danielle, and I decided to jump on the train with her, ha.
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Why did I just do two? Well, one of the scenes that sticks in my head from this movie is when Flora and Merryweather are arguing over the color of Aurora's dress - the one they make for her. They go through "Make it pink!" (Flora) and "Make it blue!" (Merryweather) and then they end up changing each other and making a disaster of the dress - and of the situation. Remember this?
Oh well. Silly fairies. Anyhow, that was the inspiration here!
Silk Naturals Stick 'Em Shadow Enhancer*
Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Powdered Wigs (matte white)
Tarte Jewelry Box (base pink and blue shades)
Shiro Cosmetics A Neat Gun (blue with orange sparkles), Wheeeeeee! (pink)

Hee. It also reminds me of cotton candy. Right?
Don't forget to check out Tracy's look!

*Items marked with a star were sent for evaluation only.