Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Blog Tag!

The awesome fantastic Liz tagged me for this one, and they're fun to do every now and again (I especially like reading them!) so I decided to go ahead and do it.

The rules (paraphrased from Liz, haha):
  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to them.
  • Share seven facts about yourself. 
  • Pass it on to fifteen other bloggers (15? 15???)
Erm, so, here we go (and we'll see if I can even come up with seven. I'm boring.)! 
  1. We'll start with a confession. Though I love books and read pretty voraciously, I admit that I have thrown books, mostly in extreme annoyance. Which, erm, scares the dog. One of the books I've thrown? Well, I'm sure you've heard of or read the Hunger Games trilogy. Yes, I read them. Yes, they were action-packed and the first one, at least, was a page turner (although I still maintain that Battle Royale is a better book and a more original idea - it is one of my favorites). However, am I the only one who finds Katniss to be one of the most annoying female characters in recent literature??? I can't stand her! If the movie Katniss is anything like the book one, I refuse to see it. Which doesn't matter so much, because they're going to make ridiculous amounts of money off of it anyway. 
  2. On that positively sparkling note, I do really like bookstores and can spend tons and tons of time in them; I used to do that quite frequently as a little kid. New books smell nice and comforting and crisp. My pet peeve about bookstores (though I've noticed it's gotten better in recent years): why are science fiction and fantasy always lumped together? They're not even close to the same thing. I can see that people who have an interest in one may have an interest in the other, but robots are not fairies. The end. 
  3. I'm a Bowie fangirl. I have a playlist called "the god otherwise known as David Bowie." *blush*
  4. I like my beats fast and my bass down low. (Okay. No, I'm not a fan. But I do like lots of bass booming in my music. I could be the person driving in the car next to you with the bass pumping way too obnoxiously loud. I'm sorry. I'm prolly swearing at you, too. I'm an awful driver). Also, I play DJ Hero on the Wii. *giggle*
  5. I love breakfast, and LOVE going out for brunch. It's the one time of the day I can also eat massive amounts of food, too, because when I wake up I am normally starving. A typical brunch meal for me? One savory dish, one sweet. So I might get a 3-egg veggie omelette/scramble + a side of pork sausage, with a short stack of blueberry pancakes. And coffee. And yes, I do eat all of it. 
  6. Worms and slugs freak me out. They're wriggly and slimey and squishy. Um. Ew. This is the only exception:
  7. Slimy! image source: Muppet Wiki
  8. However, I do find bats cute. This horrified my mum, who pointed out that bats are essentially flying rats. Well, I think rats are cute, too. Maybe not the vicious ones lurking in the sewers, though.
All right, yay! Like Liz, I would love for you all to leave me a comment with your seven facts, or do a whole post! *puppy eyes* Especially the wonderful folks on my "Favorite Reads" page ;)