Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Beauty-Related Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm not much for new year's resolutions, as I feel that I should make resolutions and goals more often than once a year. Guess I'm just a rebel at heart.

But everyone is coming up with some good beauty-related goals, so I figured I'd give it a shot, because I know there are some things I want to tackle. So, here are mine.

1. Clean my brushes more regularly! 
I really need to take care of this. I use Cetaphil to clean my brushes, but I think I need to get a cheap conditioner for them, as well. I bought multiples of brushes; previously, I couldn't wash brushes that often because I only had one of a certain type, and it wouldn't dry quickly enough. If you have any recommendations on brush cleaners or tips, I'd love to hear them! How do you dry your brushes?

2. Focus more on skincare.
I've got enough colored makeup - shadows, blushes, illuminators, lipsticks, etc. - to last several lifetimes, and I think it's time I start paying more attention to my skin. I always use sunscreen and moisturizers and such, and I exfoliate several times a week, but I don't use my Clarisonic as often as I should and I want to invest in a couple of other key items. Like a serum, and an alcohol-free toner. I'm taking recommendations! I have my eye on a few things already, but if you have any favorites, please let me know!

3. Stick to my lists.
I think this one is impossible, but it's a good idea. If I just thought about the things I needed - and I use "need" in the loosest sense, here - I know it would cut things down. For example, right now, things that I would like to try/do not own: a photography-friendly foundation, a nude lipstick, a brow pencil, a loose setting powder. Things I do not need to accumulate more of? Red lipstick. Glittery nail polish. Eye shadow. Perfume. Will I still buy those? Probably. In general I like to buy things that are unique to my collection (except for the red lipstick thing - that's just...just...a personal problem) rather than collect multiple brands' take on pink lipstick, for example, because I like to have variety, and I'm not convinced that those five pink lipsticks really look all that different sometimes. Still, I'm often swayed by superb packaging or an improvement on a product I already own. I know I can't eliminate needless spending entirely, but I'm trying to be more aware.

Okay, I'm already exhausted just coming up with three. For other great posts and resolutions (some of these were the inspiration for mine, as you will see), visit:

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What are your resolutions and goals for the year? Beauty-related or not - I'd love to know!