Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We were walking through the grocery store when we passed some enormous fruit baskets. Which prompted me to say, "You know, I never really understood the whole concept of fruit baskets. Don't people usually buy their own fruit on a weekly basis? Wouldn't they want to pick out their own fruit?" Pause. "And then if they don't buy fruit often, well, they probably don't like fruit, so then it's still a pointless gift."

S. just laughed. At this point, we were strolling past cakes.
Me: "Shouldn't you give people something they'd want but wouldn't pick up for themselves frequently? Like cake? We should have cake baskets."
S.: "Cake baskets? I think that'd be a little messy."
Me: "Well, okay, I guess, but still."
S.: "They make those cookie bouquets."
Me: "Bouquets? What?"
S.: "Yeah, they're basically cookies on sticks."
Me: "Why? Putting it on a stick doesn't make it more awesome. Just hard to eat."
S.: "Well, it makes them more like flowers. Hence, bouquet."
Me: "No! I like flowers. I want real flowers. No mixing my cookies and my flowers. People really need to work this gift-giving shit out."

I'm charming, aren't I? I know. But the point is: don't give people fruit baskets. Or at least, don't give me a fruit basket. I won't give you one, either.

I hope you get other lovely presents (if you exchange gifts) and that you are able to spend your holidays with family and friends and fluffies. Here are some photos that S. took during our trip to the Bellevue Garden D'Lights (clever, right?). They put up tons and tons of lights in the botanical garden there, and it's really quite wonderful to walk through. So many lights!
Really big dragon. It took a ridiculous amount of lights and volunteer time to construct! 

The fountain scene; S. was having fun playing with his camera settings. They had the lights set up so that the fountain actually looked like moving water. Very cool! 
There were a bunch of these trees with hanging lights that constantly rotated through so that it looked like it was snowing.  

Another insane amount of lights!!! This thing totally lit up the area.
Happy holidays, everyone!