Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Thursday Post

The Civil Wars: Poison and Wine. Super mellow, super dreamy, super romantic. I love male and female duos.

I like to look at sexy cars. This is a sexy car.

Eye. Heart. Books. Link courtesy of Liz, @reductionista. Also, I found it quite exciting that UW's Suzallo made the list! *cheer*

Some kind of gorgeous. I love that it is Beauty and the Beast inspired. I've seen the Cocteau film; it's weird, but strangely beautiful.

This made me giggle. So cute!

Love this photo shoot!

Editorial Beauty: Year in Review.

I have a Kindle. It's kind of amazing. What books have you been reading lately? I need new recommendations! My to-read list is already ridiculously long, but I like putting new ones on it. Also, does anyone have the Amazon Prime membership and access to the lender library? How do you like it?