Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Thursday Post

Braid Paisley feat. Carrie Underwood: Remind Me. We are going country this week, kids! Yeah!

I love polar bears!!! :D

I want this Kate Spade bag. $475, I do not have, but I can ogle, right?

Have you read about this study? It kind of makes me smile. I wanted a rat, but S. said Dennison would eat it. He is prolly right. Sigh.

Did everyone see this? It's kind of cool - I hope they do more like it! It's nice to see it all in one spot, on real nails.

This Christmas tree is flat out gorgeous, and a fitting symbol of hope. (Which reminds me...I have a lot of cranes to finish making. Aiya).

Still looking for a gift? This is sexy. (Of course it's a French press, what were you expecting???)

And because it's still De-Grinch Week, here: my favorite Christmas lawn decoration photo.

This cake is all kinds of gorgeous!

Also, to round out day four of De-Grinch Week: Dennison is festive, too.