Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Thursday Post

Justin Nozuka: Down in a Cold Dirty Well. I find his music very relaxing, even though most of it is upbeat. Does that make any sense? No? Well, too bad. His voice conveys a lot of emotion, and the lyrics are interesting...give him a go, if you haven't before.

I have this tea and it is amazing! Very autumnal, for sure. But good for winter, too, with its warm caramel notes.

Very true, I think.

OMG, these shoes. Yes, please!

Insane. So, freaking, insane. They slept in hanging tents! With ice sheets falling on them! That's dedication, man.

Dior polishes will be the end of me. This blue is insane. And I have been looking for a basic, long-lasting black polish with no shimmer. This may be the one!

I love this outfit! The boots, the jacket...*sigh.* My closet needs a serious overhaul. I'm working on it! I'm trying to get more fashion posts up, too. Would you be interested in those at all?

And, of course, a Dennison shot! He was "helping" us set up the tree :) I was worried that he would try to tear down the tree or eat the ornaments, but after his initial curiosity passed, he has largely ignored the strange glowy object in the corner. *sigh of relief*