Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Thursday Post

The Script: Lose Yourself (Eminem cover). I never used to like them, but I really love covers now. It's interesting to think about what musicians listen to, especially when it seems so starkly different from the genre that they perform in. Like this one. It's a pretty fun cover! I like the original better, of course (right MM?) but this one's different and quite fun on its own.

Have you taken a look at the items yet? There are a lot of great items, and it's for a great cause. World-wide shipping is also free!

The kitchen in this home has me very, very jealous. I love looking at interior design much fun. Oddly enough, I hate the idea of house hunting. I did it with my parents last month and I was bored out of my mind. I don't think my attitude would change all that much even if I were shopping for my own home. I'm doomed.

Haha, I sometimes feel like Goat.

The physics of wine swirling...yes!

I'm kind of really loving the candy-bright pastels coming out this spring! Not sure how wearable they are, but they make for gorgeous press releases, at least!

What do you think about these "half-painted" nails? I kind of like it, though perhaps with a different color it would look more intentional. Thoughts? (Also, Emma Watson is so adorable. Adorable!)

Yeah, this kind of upsets me. I understand the theory - that you could try to get children interested in science by appealing to interests they might already have. However, as a female scientist, I'm a bit tired of fighting the gender restrictions. They don't need to be starting this early!