Friday, December 2, 2011

Sparkly Sparkly Laura Mercier Face Illuminator

Rose Rendezvous. Sounds sexy, doesn't it? It even looks sexy. Lookit.
This was a birthday present from my future maid-of-honor (thanks much, you!), and I could not be more pleased. I mean, c'mon. Lookatit!
I'm not going to lie - it's kind of heart-breaking to use this. I will be so sad when the pattern starts to fade!
The full name: Laura Mercier "Rose Rendezvous" Face Illuminator. Does it illuminate?  Well, here are the swatches!
These are swatched with my finger, because I couldn't get a brush to pick it up heavily enough. I swiped my finger once, and then swatched it successively, L-R. The lightest swatch on the right is probably what you would get with a big fluffy brush.

For those of you worried, I have to report that yes, this does contain some sparkle. But I don't find it offensive on my face! It's neither excessively metallic or frosty. I use a fluffy angled brush to gently swipe this along my cheekbones, the bridge (ha! As if I had one) of my nose, and along my forehead. It's a bit shimmery, but the overall effect is that of a diffused glow, which is lovely.  I don't come out looking like a disco ball, thank goodness. Or a bronze statue. Or any of that. With a brush, the effect is quite subtle, though you can build it up (as you can see from the first heavy swatch on the left). I think it can be used as a shadow, too - this would totally lighten your travel load!  It reminds me of Stila's Kitten (their cult, frosty peachy-champagne shade), but of course I forgot to swatch the two. I will try to do that at some point.

I think the color is flattering for most skin tones (no matter whether you're warm or cool), and I really think it is a lovely highlighter. If you're good on highlighters, it's not a must-have, unless you covet the beautiful pattern or are looking for one with a faint bit of color to it, as opposed to the usual colorless pearl/sheer gold. I will say that an illuminator/highlighter doesn't always make it on to my face every day, though I do appreciate having one nice one on hand. I do think there are cheaper options out there - because honestly, here, you are paying for the gorgeous floral imprint - but you will simply need to decide if the packaging is worth the price. For some, it will be, and for others, not so much.

Try it if: You like highlighters with a bit more oomph to them - this has a higher "glow" factor than some of the sheerer illuminators.
Skip it if: You avoid products with discernable sparkly bits (this does have them).

This goes for $42 and is limited edition. Last I checked, it's out of stock online with Sephora and Nordstrom. I think a few brick and mortar stores still have it in stock, though, so it's worth checking out if you really want this one!