Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Lipstick Bandits Go Glam

We're celebrating the holidays the best way we know how: with red lipstick. But we've glammed it up for you this time around - and no, we don't have masks. We've got something better: sparkles.

As usual, everyone is doing something different, and this is the big reveal, so I'm excited to see what my fellow Bandits came up with!  You must check them out, as well - here are the links! (We're missing Dani because of the huge asshat who broke into her car and stole her laptop, but hopefully she'll be back in full Lipstick Bandit glory soon!)
And what did I do? Well, I don't own a lot of gloss (erm, Lipstick Bandit, yeah?) or sparkles. I also am not much for gloss + lipstick combos because, uh, well, I'm lazy. And um, I guess if you were going to get real technical about it, neither of these is lipstick. But we've all broken rules before, right? (Just, erm, don't tell the other Bandits. Thanks.) Even though lipsticks don't feature, I do quite like what I came up with, and find this particular combination to be pretty wearable!
I went indie this time: Darling Girl Cosmetics (DGC) Poison Apple Holo-Gloss + Holly Jolly Kiss You Off Color Rich Lip Balm

I didn't go for super pigmented red lipstick + super high sparkly gloss because I'm not skilled at layering products. You're going to have to visit the other bandits for that kind of action. I went with a lip color that was slightly more subdued, but still sparkly, and smoothed a green gloss over it. Separately, they look like this:
Darling Girl Cosmetics Poison Apple Holo-gloss (green with red glitter), Holly Jolly Kiss You Off Color Rich Balm (red with green and gold sparkles).

L: DGC Holly Jolly balm, on bare lips. R: DGC Poison Apple gloss, on bare lips
All together now! The effect is rather muted but cheery, and the shimmer is gold/green and not at all gritty.
I thought these products were perfect for each other: the red balm with gold and green sparkles, and the green gloss with red sparkles. Right? I paired this lip combo with naturally flushed cheeks and simple, well-defined eyes. Thoughts?

Ta-da! I didn't go for a dramatic red because well, I spend my holidays eating. If you're anything like me, continuously munching on cookies and yummy New Year's Eve dinners, you probably don't want to touch up fussy, high-maintenance reds, or be constantly worrying about it smearing all over your face. Also, this combo goes perfectly with your low-key, day-after-the-holiday-dinner look (when you can barely open your eyes and need to wear your glasses because your eyes are too blood-shot for contacts. And your head hurts. And you want a plate of eggs and bacon really badly. Or ramen.). See? I'm looking out for you!

So, there you have it! Be sure to check out the other Bandits' posts, and let me know what your go-to holiday lip color/combo is!