Monday, December 26, 2011

Empties + Rejects V2

Here we go, empties + expired products + rejects, volume 2! I think I've been pretty ruthless with cleaning out my train case. Plus, Christmas is over and there are all kinds of new things, so we need to start the reducing, right?
I got an empties bag. Liz said to.
Let's start with the empties. There are only three. Sad face. If we compare the number of products going out with the number coming in...we are not at equilibrium, folks. Damnit.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel shower gel
A typical B&BW shower gel. These last forever and go on sale quite often, so I usually pick up a bunch. I may switch to some other type of soap or shower gel after I run out this time, though, just for the sake of variety (I have three more bottles, various scents). This one is pure vanilla goodness, like buttery cookies. I don't find that the fragrance lingers on the skin much, but it's a lovely shower experience.

Benefit Magic Ink liquid liner
I actually didn't want to run out of this. It's my favorite black liquid liner, though I realized that I never did a proper post on it. I'm torn on whether to buy a replacement, because I currently do have a Sephora brand black liquid liner. The Benefit dries more quickly and has a satin finish, though, while the Sephora dries matte. I also prefer Benefit's brush tip for my black liner. We'll see what happens.

Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15
I actually really liked this Clinique tinted moisturizer (this is the second tube I bought, after using up the first). It's quite sheer, as advertised, but does a fair job of evening out my skin tone. I have the lightest color, of course. There is about 1/4 of the tube left here, but it's from several years ago and I'm tossing it. I no longer use this and I don't know if the formula's still the same (it seems like Clinique has been revamping some of their products to phase out parabens - but that's just an observation I've made from reading ingredient lists over time, I haven't heard anything official).

On to the expired.

Chanel Teint Innocence in Cameo (discontinued)
This was my favorite foundation, but it is not paraben-free. After I took my allergy test, I had to stop using it. It was so sad. For whatever reason, I left it in my train case, but now's the time to let it go. It's about 3/4 full but there's no point in keeping it. It's also now been discontinued. So long, Chanel.

And finally, the rejects.

Very Irrésistable Givenchy L'Intense (sample)
"Notes of Turkish rose, plum, musk, patchouli" (off of the insert I got with the perfume sample).  Just based on the description, I was intrigued, but wary. I actually kind of like rose scents, if they're not too, erm, "antique" smelling. I sprayed it around and it smelled mostly of rose, slightly musky. Then it was sweet, and a bit too...generic. Nothing interesting or noteworthy here! It's also the kind of scent that ends up giving me a headache, so I tossed the sample.

Smashbox Wish palette (from 2009, I think?)
I purchased this to try out the Smashbox primer (don't like it, but finished it) and the famed Smashbox gel liners (also a miss for me) as well as the shadows, all in one go. I gave this a fair amount of use at the time because I didn't have a lot of colored shadows, and I also traveled with this one Christmas. The shadows aren't the best quality - quite chalky and low color pay-off - but it served its purpose back then. Now, though, I have much better things and there's no point in keeping this; it just takes up room in my train case. Bye bye, lame palette. I will be avoiding things like this in the future.

Dior Hypnotic Poison (sample, not pictured)
This came as a sample with the Dior Silver Lake polish that S. ordered for me. The scent is very, very heavy and kind of fussy to me. It's richer, oriental, heavy on the woodsy spice. Not for me.

Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer (sample)
Another sample I got in a 500-point perk way back when. My foundation usually stays put (especially since I wear it over Clinique City Block every day) and I don't have huge issues with shine. In general, primers don't seem to do much for me and sometimes even break me out. Not worth the effort, time, or risk of breaking out. Tossing!

Okay. I think it will be a while before my next empties post, as things are not emptying!!! Eeek.