Friday, December 30, 2011

December Favorites

Ahh, the year is coming to a close! What exciting New Year's Eve plans do you have? We're going to Joule for their NYE Indulgence dinner! It's a prix fix meal with five courses and wine pairings, and worth a yearly splurge. We went last year, and it was absolutely amazing. We're never disappointed at Joule!

Anyway, here are the month's favorites. This month I've been into versions of the "five minute face,"mostly because everything always felt so hectic, and it was always so cold, I didn't want to stand around messing with my face. The eye looks have been boring (which explains the lack of EOTD posts this month, sorry!), and everything has just been streamlined and simple. I've also been going for natural looking stains - both a lip stain and a cheek stain (cream blush) make the list this month.

Silk Naturals Cherry Bomb cream blush*
I love that the tube is small - not like those absurdly large Tarte cheek stains. I usually draw a little circle on each cheek and blend it into my foundation with my fingers. Cherry Bomb is a lovely natural, non-shimmery fuchsia flush. It leans cool, so it doesn't look like my cheeks are simply ruddy. It's also really quick and easy to apply, which made it perfect this month - no-fuss! Find the original review here.

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Flush
I have finally found a stain I like, and a showerhead applicator I can tolerate. This thing is fabulous! I'm sure you've heard me rave about it enough. The review is here.

Rouge Dior 841 Belle de Nuit
Yeah, it's pretty much official: I love the Rouge Dior formula. I don't love the $32 price tag, but I know I won't stop buying them. The formula is smooth and non-drying; it doesn't get all gunky or pill up, even after re-applying. Belle de Nuit is a limited edition holiday 2011 shade, and it is a beautiful coral-red with gold shimmer. I love. It brightens up my whole face! The original review is here.

Sephora Long-Lasting Liner in 10 Glitter Khaki
I like Sephora's take on liquid liners, as they come in a lot of colors and the formula is great. They are also only $10! This color is beautiful, with the black, smoky base and the gold glitter. It adds instant oomph to any eye look, and I love it. Review coming soon!

Annabelle Smoothie pencil in Down to Earth**
I usually am not one for chubby pencil shadows, as I find them hard to blend out and don't really like the idea of, erm, drawing on my eyeshadow. This one does take a big of rubbing out to blend all over the lid, but I adore the color (I am so into smoky khakis lately - expect a color-themed post soon, à la Danielle) and it doesn't budge or crease! It really does make life easier, too, as you don't need to dig out pots/pans of shadow and brushes.

Nails Inc. The Donmar Overglaze top coat
Nail products rarely make it to the favorites list because I always wear something different. This month, though, I put The Donmar over everything! It's just so sparkly and festive, and is not as easy to tire of as regular chunky glitter. Even without a separate top coat, this glitter coat wears for a week without chipping (of course, there is minor tip wear). The original review is here, and here is another combo I used it in.

I also debated doing an "end of the year roundup" type thing, though the sheer immensity of the idea just kind of stunned me. Still, I prevailed, and it was actually kind of fun. That post will be up tomorrow - a great way to round off the year! What were your favorites of the month - and of the year?

*Items marked with a star were sent for evaluation.
**Items marked with two stars were a gift from one of my favourite Canadians ;) Thanks, Tracy!