Wednesday, December 21, 2011

De-Grinch Week Day 3: All Red.

I decided to swatch all of my red lipsticks for you, since red seems to be a go-to color for the holidays. I have more red lipstick than I will ever be able to use up, so, erm, here you go! Some of them are more orange-based, some of them are more blue-based, some of them are glossy, some of them are matte, some of them are sheer...hopefully you can find something that suits you! (Warning: this post is extremely picture heavy!)

I broke them down into three categories: "full-strength" (matte, satin, creamy and opaque), "sheer, shiny, glossy" (balms, butters, etc), "metallic" (gold or metallic sheens). All told, I have fifteen red lip things. Glosses, tinted balms, stains, lipsticks = fifteen. Thus starts my red lipstick ban. No more! Not until one of them gets used up, or Dennison eats one, or something (I hope that doesn't happen. No lipsticks for the fluffyhead!).

Full strength: creamy, opaque, satin/matte finishes.
Top to bottom: NARS Mascate, MAC Runaway Red, Marcelle Amour**, Bite Beauty Pomegranate, Revlon Fire and Ice

Swatched on bare skin. Fire and Ice is the brightest, most orange-red; Mascate is the darkest, and most matte. Pomegranate and Amour look similar, but Pomegranate is darker, and more opaque on lips; Amour is glossier and more slippery. Runaway Red is a satin finish and an intense, vibrant red.
Same photo, lightened slightly; no labels.
Sheer, Shiny, Glossy: Balms, glosses, "butters," lipsticks with a sheer finish.
L-R: Darling Girl Cosmetics Raining Blood, MAC Can't Resist, Clinique Cranberry Cream, Darling Girl Cosmetics Holly Jolly, Dior 850 Red Serum, Tarte Enchanted, MAC Hot Tahiti

Hot Tahiti is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks; the glaze finish is superb. I'm not a fan of Tarte's lip things; Enchanted is a berry-red and I rarely use it. Dior's Red Serum is a sheer, glossy red; pulls almost coral on my lips. Darling Girl Cosmetics Holly Jolly looks pinker here, but more red on lips; it's full of gold-green sparkle. Cranberry Cream is a darker red; seems more sheer on my arm but glossy and rich on the lips. Can't Resist and Raining Blood look reddish-brown on lips; both have gold/copper sparkle. Can't Resist is smoother, slightly sticky, applies more evenly. 

Metallic: Gold sheen, or super metallic finish.
L-R: Lise Watier Grenadine**, Rouge Dior Nocturne, Belle de Nuit
With flash. The Rouge Diors aren't overly metallic, really - they just have a gold sheen that actually makes them extremely wearable and less in-your-face. Belle de Nuit leans coral, Nocturne leans berry. Lise Watier's Grenadine, on the other hand, is intensely metallic and very red - leans very cool.

No flash.

The complete list, with little blurbs:

  • Tarte Lip Stain in Enchanted: a berry red stain. I don't like these much, even though I have two; I find them drying (not moisturizing!) and they smell like mint crayons. Blech. The color does last, though.
  • Dior Sérum de Rouge in 850 Red Serum: Glossy, comfortable (a little slippery), beautiful. Lighter in shade, pulls slightly coral.
  • Rouge Diors in Belle de Nuit, Nocturne: The Rouge Dior formula is hands down my favorite for lipsticks. These are gorgeous and totally need to be purchased, now. They're LE!
  • Revlon Fire and Ice: I'm not a fan of this formula - too heavy and creamy for me - and this is an attention-getter. It pulls red-orange on me, but I've seen it pull blue-pink on others.
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand in Grenadine**: The color is beautiful but probably best reserved for nights out; it also has a really sweet, synthetic smell that I'm not particularly keen on.
  • Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in Amour (cream)**:  tends to feather and bleed and is slightly drying, but it has great staying power, and is fabulous for a drugstore brand. 
  • MAC Runaway Red (satin), Hot Tahiti (glaze), Can't Resist (Sheen Supreme): Hot Tahiti is a comfortable-wearing glaze that's quite sheer; Runaway Red was limited edition and a satin finish - very red. Looks dark in hand and arm swatches, but lightens up on the lips. Can't Resist is a tad sticky.
  • Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine in Cranberry Cream: Darker red; glossy, comfortable but slippery on the lips
  • NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Mascate: Dark red, softly matte.
  • Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate: Very, very pigmented red.
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics Holly Jolly Kiss You Off Color Rich Balm, Raining Blood Holo-gloss: Not a huge fan of the gloss, but I love DGC balms. Review for this one coming shortly.
And now I bet you want to know if I have a favorite. Or favorites. Or ones that I hate. Well, erm, I guess the reason why I have all of these is because they all do look different on my lips. I think the most wearable are the Diors - the holiday limited edition colors are gorgeous, with the soft gold sheen, and extremely wearable, and the Red Serum is glossy. The boldest are the Revlon, the Bite Beauty, MAC Runaway Red, and the Lise Watier - that is one shiny and metallic lipstick, let me tell you.

My recs for specific qualities:
A show-stopper: Bite Beauty Pomegranate
Sophisticated matte: NARS Mascate
Fun, cheery, summery: Dior Red Serum
Gateway red: MAC Hot Tahiti

The ones I turn to the most? MAC Hot Tahiti, NARS Mascate, all three Diors.

Okay! If you stuck around through that monster of a post, three cheers for you! Now, even though I just put myself on a red lipstick ban, I have to know: what's your favorite red? Will you be scooping up any of these?

**Items marked with two stars were gifts from my favourite Canadians. Thanks, Tracy and Liz! ;)