Monday, December 19, 2011

De-Grinch Week Day 2: Sparkly, by Color

I decided to try to show a couple of photos that are themed by color, incorporating a few jewelry pieces, as well. I am an earring/bracelet girl; I used to wear more rings, but now I just wear my engagement ring, and I'm not sure how to pull off the multiple-rings-on-one-hand look. I also refuse to wear bracelets or rings on my right hand (the hand I write with), because those just get in the way and become very annoying. I know these photos aren't very good, but I found that it's really hard to style these shoots! Credit to those of you who pull these vanity snapshots off so well.
Chanel Mirifique, Dior 5 Golds Quint, Dior Silver Lake, China Glaze Fairy Dust; various fashion jewelry pieces.

Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous, Dior Aurora, Urban Decay El Dorado, Shiro Cosmetics Triforce, S.S. Anne; various other jewelry pieces.
Well, there you go. Not much to say, here, I apologize. I guess this was my attempt at letting photos speak for themselves. What are your favorite jewelry pieces, and do you have a favorite color scheme for them (e.g. gold, silver, rose gold)?

Okay, stay tuned for the rest of De-Grinch Week!