Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cartoon EOTD: The Lorax!

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I actually am kind of excited about the movie coming in March - it looks funny! I loved The Lorax as a kid (and still do, obviously) and I decided he'd be great for a cartoon look. He has such a spectacular mustache!

You know I love oranges, so I was happy for an excuse to bust the orange shadows out. We're still on the "wearable" kick, though, sorry! I wanted to do softer colors, to get a sort of "fuzzy" feel.
Shiro Cosmetics Yatta (pastel yellow), Charmander (shimmery orange)
UD El Dorado liner (gold)

Hurray! Can you tell that I tried to smile in the first shot? Haha. My eyebrows are probably bushy enough to represent the Lorax all on their own.

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