Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cartoon EOTD: Frosty the Snowman

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To finish off De-Grinch Week, I'm doing Frosty the Snowman for today's Cartoon EOTD. This is from the Christmas special animated feature. One night, we were watching something on TV, and when that wrapped up (I can't remember what it was, now), it was announced that all the Christmas specials were starting. I looked over at S., to see if this was a planned move (he often knows what is on TV, and I never do).

Me: "Is this on purpose?"
S.: "I love Frosty!"

Which answered that. So we watched it, with my acid commentary the whole time (S. was a good sport. And I wasn't being mean-spirited. But really? We're going to take a refrigerated train to the North Pole?). And here's the EOTD. I thought of his hat, with its flower.
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Don't forget to check out Tracy's look! And happy holidays :)

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