Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cartoon EOTD: The Emperor

He is adorable, isn't he?
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When Tracy suggested we do Mulan this week, I immediately thought of this:
*giggle* But I decided not to go with that. Instead, I did something that was sort of (not really) Asian-inspired, incorporating the Emperor's colors.
Silk Naturals Stick 'Em shadow enhancer*
Shiro Cosmetics
Pikachu (yellow with red glitter), Triforce (sparkly gold), Incinerator (burnt red with sparkle)
Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Powdered Wigs (matte white)
Benefit Magic Ink

It showed up better in person, I feel. Plus I did red cheeks and red lips, so it did look a bit like the very pale face Mulan had for her matchmaker appointment.

Don't forget to see Tracy's look! She did Mushu!

*items marked with a star were sent by the company for evaluation.