Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2011 - Product Favorites

I was kind of torn by this post. The idea of it excited me, but the sheer immensity of the project kind of put me off of it. Apparently, though, I powered through that, because here it is! The "Best of 2011," as picked by Larie. I've decided to make it mostly short and sweet, with little blurbs. The links are to my previous reviews.

Most of these aren't new to the market, but were new to me, as this is the first year I really started paying attention to new releases, different brands, indie products, etc. It was also my first year as a beauty blogger! I'm so appreciative of all of you who read and comment daily - it has been great getting to know all of you, and forging fabulous friendships. The interaction is the best part of the blog, honestly. 2012 will bring great things, I know it!

So. Let's do this!
Please forgive the amusing photos...I'm still trying to get the hang of shooting with the Ottlite.

  • perfume oils: These are a completely different experience than alcohol-based perfume sprays. I feel like they transform a lot more on your skin, and are so interesting! A few of my favorites are from: Flourish, Scent by the Sea.
  • indie perfumes: They're more affordable and come in smaller quantities, and there are so many to explore and choose from! Some are also quite unique and intriguing.

  • Dior nail vernis: I always wondered if the high end polishes were worth it and anything different from the drugstore variety. I'm not sure these are exactly worth $22 and there are cheaper brands that are also awesome, but the Dior polish formula is amazing. Wears well for at least a week, easy to apply, great brush, comes in great colors...I am quite sold. I currently have just three - will be scooping up more.
  • Zoya Remove +: My favorite remover. That is all.
Okay, well, that's it. This was a fabulous year in terms of beauty products - I think I found a lot of my daily go-to items! What were some of your favorites and best discoveries this year?