Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag, Travel Edition

S. and I went to San Francisco to visit my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving; we left on Wednesday and came back on Saturday, just in time for S. to run the Seattle Marathon today! (Yes, he's a crazy person. Why would any sane person want to run 26.2 miles? There are motorized vehicles for that, you know?). I like San Francisco, so that's always a good time. We spent Black Friday in Napa Valley, avoiding the crowds and chaos, and I actually really enjoyed that. I've already done most of my Christmas shopping, so I didn't need to be tempted by sales.

So the trip was good, and let's face it, going on holiday is usually great, but I hate packing. And unpacking. And when you have makeup and skincare to pack, it's 10x harder, isn't it? I try to pack lightly, but I still need to wear a full face (or my definition of a full face) every day, especially during the holidays when you have nice dinners, etc. Also, my relations haven't seen me in a while, and I don't want to show up looking atrocious. So makeup is a must for me. Here's what I took on the trip:
EcoTools blush brush, UDPP Eden, Benefit Magic Ink, Dior 5 Golds quint, MAC Harmony blush, UD Underground liner, Dior Primrose Crystal and Dior Nocturne. Not pictured: a brow brush and a shadow brush, Chanel Perfection Lumière.
And here's a shot of the skincare products I took:
Travel-sized Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, Clinique City Block SPF 40, Clinique liquid facial soap (in a toner container! So tricksy), Clarins Eye Contour Gel, and the little sample container is full of Clinique Moisturizing Gel
And the bag it all sat in (well, the skincare and anything that was a liquid was tucked away in a clear, quart-sized Ziplock bag, of course, so that I wouldn't be tackled by a member of the TSA):
I'm not sure why the Fresh bag needed to be so exuberantly metallic and red, but, whatever. It's a nice enough bag - quite sturdy and thick.

I realized that I usually only use eye and blush brushes, so really, I just need a small set of eye brushes to take along, rather than the full Sephora travel set, which has all kinds of other things in it. I have an Ecotools set on my Christmas wishlist, so we'll see if any of my family members come through on that. This time I just tucked two brushes into the blush brush sleeve, and that worked out well enough.

S. and I shared a carry-on (that I made him carry, of course, haha) so I tried to keep things small and tidy. What do you think? I tried to pick good neutral shadows and my favorite blush goes with everything. What does your makeup travel bag look like? What are your essentials?