Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Rouge Diors to Make Your Day

After my Dior makeover, I came home with, amongst other things, two Rouge Dior lipsticks: 428 Pisanelle Pink and 841 Belle de Nuit. Pisanelle Pink was released with the Fall 2011 "Blue Tie" collection, and Belle de Nuit is a limited edition color from the holiday 2011 collection - it is one of Les Rouges Ors.So, apparently, I do need the holiday lipsticks. The first time I swatched them, I wasn't impressed. Then I ordered Nocturne after seeing it on Temptalia (and LOVE it), and then after having Belle de Nuit put on me, I caved. Sigh.

I asked for a nude, and the makeup artist gave me Pisanelle Pink to try. It's not what I consider a "nude lipstick," but it is a nice, soft color that is almost MLBB. I do have a MLBB shade (another Dior), but it's peachier and a little more sheer than this one. This one is a creamy pink with subtle gold shimmer. It has the same fabulous Rouge Dior formula I've come to love: soft, smooth, and non-drying. You also don't really feel it on your lips, which is quite exciting to me. Pisanelle Pink, which is a lighter shade, lasts a good three hours.
Rouge Dior 428 Pisanelle Pink.
You can kind of see the very subtle gold sheen here.
See? Not quite nude, per se, but it's a lovely natural color. So I bought it, because it is considerably pinker than my Primrose Crystal Rouge Serum. There is a difference, I promise! I'm not about buying five of the same shade - I don't wear lipstick often enough to justify that.

Belle de Nuit is also the belle of the ball. It's a fabulous warm coral with sparkly gold sheen. The gold that you can see in the bullet (first photo in this post) actually shows up on the lips, which is nice to see. It never goes overboard, though. It's a subtle sheen. Ooooooh.
I could not get the stupid editing program I use to preserve the color of this swatch, even though it turns out beautifully in iPhoto. What do you all use to edit photos?
I really love this one, even though it's warmer than I usually go for. I think it's the perfect coral, honestly, with that lovely golden sheen. This one is limited edition, so if you're looking for it, go get it now!

Honestly, I do recommend both of these. The Rouge Dior formula is also getting to be one of my favorites - so wearable! Creamy, but not oily or heavy, and I find they do last. Lighter colors like Pisanelle Pink do last perhaps 2.5-3 hours, while darker colors like Belle de Nuit last four or five hours. Do you have any of these? Which Rouge Diors are your favorites?