Monday, November 21, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Eye Shadows Make Me...Blush (A Post on Multi-tasking)

Like the average beauty blogger, I've got a lot of eye shadows. Some of them aren't my cup of tea, in terms of color, so I don't find myself using them that often. Some of them are my favorites, but I like to try so many things, I just don't get around to using them all that often. I only have two eyes, you know?

But they come in so many beautiful colors, and this wide range of colors isn't really represented very well in other products - like blushes or lipsticks, for example. Blushes are pretty much pink, coral, red, or brown. I like to play with makeup in slightly more extreme ways sometimes (versus the usual "wearable, daytime look") and I wanted a purple blush. Not plum, not cool pink/lavender, but in your face purple.  Makeup Forever makes a purple shadow/blush pressed powder thingee, but it's not paraben-free, and otherwise, I didn't find anything.

Shiro Cosmetics Rattata, a matte, bold purple. I had to color correct the left hand image because it would not translate to my computer, for whatever reason.

But I have Shiro Cosmetics Rattata, which is a warm, matte purple, and very bright. So I figured, why not? It's only makeup, and it comes off.  Thus, Rattata as blush!
Eyes: UDPP Eden
Shiro Cosmetics Bulbasaur (emerald green), Rattata (matte purple)
Sephora Long-Lasting Liner in 
Fancy Violet, UD 24/7 Liner in Junkie (green with gold glitter)
Cheeks: Shiro Cosmetics 
Lips: Dior Primrose Crystal
What do you think? Does it look unnatural or bruised? Too strange?
I have to say, I do prefer to use a light hand with extremely pigmented products, versus building up a sheer product to any level of intensity. I also used Rattata on the lid, here, but you can see how much softer it looks on the cheeks (I used an EcoTools blush brush). I actually really like the purple - it's darker than most pink blushes out there (most of those are soft and natural; even fuchsia is hard to come by), and I find it interesting and a bit different.

I wore this shadow as blush on another day, with a less intense eye look, and I was surprised by how long it wore! It stayed on all day, over liquid foundation, with no primer or cream blush underneath. I'm not sure how differently mineral blushes are formulated from the shadows, but my blush was still going strong at the end of the day.

So, what are your thoughts? Would you rock purple blush? Am I crazy?

Also, I cut my hair. These photos were taken a week or so ago. I am not capable of magically growing out hair ;)