Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Guess It Doesn't Work For Everyone: Ellis Faas Milky Lips L202

You know how it goes.  A bunch of your favorite beauty bloggers rave about a certain product, and you google swatches of it, and read other happy reviews, and then decide you must have it.  Happens quite often, doesn't it? Sometimes all goes well and you and your new product live happily ever after.

Other times, not so much.  And you are so very sad - not just because it didn't work for you, but because apparently you're the only one it doesn't work for.  Whyyyyy?

So now you know.  Ellis Faas Milky Lips and me, we're not meant to be.  I was really excited to receive this (part of my Sephora Friends and Family purchase), but as soon as I took it out of the box, I was a little disappointed.  From photos, the pen looks like it should be hefty and solid.  It's actually quite light, and quite flimsy.  I like a bit of heft to my lipsticks, I think, so I was a little sad about that.

But I moved on.  I poked at the brush - it's firm, and quite stiff, not floppy like a lot of similar lip products (Stila's lip glaze thingees have brushes that are looser, longer, and, erm, floppier).  This one is stiff, and that made me a little wary.  On the one hand, it affords better control.  On the other hand, there is the danger of simply pushing product around on your lips, especially if the consistency of the product is thin.

After snapping some photos, I prepared for use!  Nervously, I clicked the pen.  And waited.  And clicked some more.  And waited some more.  I repeated that several times, and began to get impatient.  So then I just went nuts and cranked that sucker.  And waited.  NOTHING.  It'd be helpful if they told you how many times you'd have to click to get the damn thing started (like the Dior Rouge Serums, though those are even easier because you can SEE the tip of the lipstick), or gave it clear packaging.  Truth be told, I hate pen packaging like this, and I'm not sure why I thought I might not hate Ellis Faas' version.  Because I do hate it.

Anyway.  Several swear words and turns later, we got some action going on.  It didn't explode excessively like I thought it might, which was nice.  I applied it, and blanched.  The swatch of it on Sephora's website is a nice, deep, berry color (this is L202), which is what I wanted.  This was pretty much red on my lips, and too warm.  It bled into my lip lines and accentuated dry spots (I exfoliated prior, but my lips are always dry, and being sick lately has not helped that at all).  Once the color dried down, it was glossy and looked like a stain, but it was messy and I did not like it.  At all.  It's very possible that I am just completely inept at applying lip products, but in that case, I humbly pass and let someone with more skill go for it.  Here's the swatch: fair warning, it does accentuate dry lips.  Read: it looks yucky.
You were warned! Also, see? Red. Definitely nothing like the swatch.  It actually just looks like...blood. ._.
I gave it a fair trial, I think.  I tried applying more, I tried applying less, I tried blotting.  Nope.  Thus.  Packaging: dislike.  Color: not true to swatch, and dislike. If I had wanted another red, maybe I would have considered it, but it's far too warm, either way.  Consistency and texture: dislike.  Verdict? Return.  For $35, I could buy pretty much any other lipstick (except maybe Guerlain and Tom Ford, but I wasn't going to go for those anyway. I need to eat.), so this is not staying in the stash.
Ingredients; click for a larger version.

Try it if: You want a lipstick with a thinner consistency/stain effect, or are intrigued by the packaging.
Skip it if: You agree with all of my gripes about it - pen packaging, brush tip, accentuates dry lips, too warm color.

In all fairness, though, products aren't universal and won't work for everyone.  There are quite a few rave reviews about Ellis Faas lip products.  Makeup Morsels has one here, Rae has one here, and here's one from Everyday Beauty.  You be the judge!

$35 for 0.095 oz at Sephora.