Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fresh Sugar Lust Set

I've wanted to try Fresh products for a long time, but honestly? $22.50 for a lip balm is a little steep. Their holiday sets are usually pretty good deals, though, so when I saw this Fresh Sugar Lust set, I was intrigued, but there were so many other holiday goodies to exclaim over, I forgot about it.  Then Cassy picked one up, and reminded me that I wanted one, so in the Sephora basket it went. It's $28 for a full-sized balm (0.15 oz), a mini lip scrub, and a tube of body cream, all in a metallic red bag. The bag is a good size for traveling, I think, and I will probably put it to good use when I visit my aunt for Thanksgiving.

I'm always a little confused by Fresh's Brown Sugar items, because they smell...lemony.  I mean, I know the name just means that brown sugar's in them, but wouldn't you expect them to also smell a bit caramel-y and sweet?  Personal problem, I guess. Not that I mind the lemony smell. It just confuses me. Apparently I'm easily confused.

See all the goodies?  Here they are!  Exciting, right?

Here are the ingredients for all three items, for good measure.
Click to enlarge.

I tried the lip treatment first; it's SPF 15, which is good.  This is the full size (0.15 oz) that's normally $22.50, so I thought it was a good deal in this set. The balm packaging is solid and weighty; the cap screws on and off so there's no chance of it coming undone in your bag. I get a little nervous with balms that don't push up against the sides of the barrel, because there is the possibility of the balm stick smushing into the sides, which really annoys me. Mine does seem a bit tilted (you can see it in the photo below), but it hasn't started scraping into the tube or anything. Yet?
See what I mean about the balm kind of leaning into the sides? It doesn't seem like a huge issue here, though.

I do think you are paying a lot for the luxe packaging, here, so you will have to decide if that's worth it to you. The balm is solid enough to stand on its own, which I really love - I hate leaving cylindrical objects sideways and having them roll around on my desk. Personally, since I am so picky about balms, I would probably pay for the convenience of knowing that a product works, rather than hunting for the next-possibly-more-affordable dupe. With that said, $22.50 is steep!

I am a little wary of falling in love with such an expensive balm, but it may very well be worth it. The formula is slightly waxy but not unpleasant, and not sticky. Upon application, the balm is a little thicker and it's noticeable - not the kind of thing that simply melts away - but it does make my lips feel wonderful. I need to re-apply every few hours, I feel, but since it's a stick and not in a pot, it's really easy to do this. It doesn't gunk up after re-applying, which is really nice.

I also love that it's not colored; sometimes I don't want color, but I still want the lip treatment. There are tinted versions available, though, if that's what you'd prefer.

The lemon smell is a bit strong, but it does fade after application. It's also not cleaner-esque; it's more like a sweet lemon treat. In short: tolerable, though I almost wish it wasn't scented.

I'll review the scrub and the lotion at a later date, but I did want to get this out there while the set was still available at Sephora. I think it's worth it, because the sizes are generous for the price.

Try it if: You were ever curious about Fresh products; for slightly more than the price of the balm itself, you get a full-sized balm, a decent sized lip scrub, and a tube of lotion. I also think it'd make a great gift.
Skip it if: You already have your favorite lip balm. If it's not broken, right?

Have you tried Fresh products? Do you think they're worth the steep prices?