Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EOTD: Pink and Brown (Almost Neutral Series)

I've had my Tarte 2010 Jewelry Box sitting around for quite some time. While it was quite a steal, I don't find myself using it very much, so it's probably one of those things I really shouldn't have bought.  I don't like lip glosses, and I certainly don't like lip glosses in palette form; the pencils were pretty much useless (and have long since been trashed), and while I like the powders, they're in this bulky big palette and not very accessible.  There are 32 eye shadows, though, which are quite pricey on their own, so that kind of makes up the difference.  Except, I don't really use them that often, either, because I don't find that they blend well over UDPP (and otherwise don't really show up), and again - big, bulky palette.

My advice would be to skip reiterations of this, even though it seems like a great deal, unless you're someone who's just looking for a solid compilation of your favorites all in one place, and you'll just be using this from here on out.  If you've got quite the collection (like the average beauty blogger/makeup enthusiast), this just seems...excessive.
Yeah...barely a dent.  I know.  I've got a lot of work ahead of me.
Anyway, now that I've slammed this for a while, I'm going to use it!  Ha.  Warm pinks look like the dark, under-eye circles I have (me = panda) so I usually avoid them. But today, I decided what the hell, it's just makeup and it'll come off. That's generally my opinion of makeup, but on weekdays I don't really have the time to wipe it off and start over again, so I fall back on the same tried and true looks. For some reason, this morning I decided the hell with it - GO GO GO. So I dabbed a bit of pink on, and a bit of peachy nude (matte colors), and then a bit of this shimmery mauve color.  At full strength it looked a little bruised, so I toned it down with more peach, and added a sweep of shimmery white highlight at the browbone.  Ta-da! I used my Urban Decay Woodstock eye liner for a pop of pink along the lid, as well, blending it into a still damp Benefit Magic Ink line.
Tarte Jewelry Box shades (matte peach, magenta, metallic fuchsia)
Benefit Magic Ink, UD 24/7 Glide-On Liner in Woodstock

I'm having fun with this series.  What are your thoughts? I think I may try to do purple or teal, next. Although this look ended up being a little too neutral for me, so I may also try to redo it.