Friday, November 25, 2011

The Christmas Wishlist and Gift Guide

Okay, it's wishlist time again! In honor of Black Friday (are you out and about, taking advantage of the deals?), I decided to drum up a list of Christmas gifts. Anything catch your eye, spark your fancy, tickle your toes?

[Note: I don't do that affiliated link business, so feel free to click away and ogle with me!]

Want! I am an earring girl. I never go out without them (unless it's to work out or something), and I want these!!! Kendra Scott "Eileen" Leaf and Stone Statement Earrings, $48. (Confession: I bought these for myself. ._. It was my birthday, okay? ._. )
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I want a leather (or faux leather) cuff.  I quite like this one, though I'm not sure if it does or does not remind me of extra purse straps. Cara Accessories Double Wrap Buckle Bracelet, $31.90.
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I'm not a necklace girl, but I still find this one gorgeous. Would be a great gift!  Stein & Blye Short Torsade Necklace (Nordstrom exclusive), $44.90.
Erm, yes, I may be a kid at heart. I kind of want one of these cute beanie things. Like this Oscar the Grouch hat, $38.80.
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Of course, I have to throw makeup in here! Six red lipsticks? Yes, please! Ultraflesh Perfect Reds 6-piece Set, $29.
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I really want a digital kitchen scale for baking, so that I can start weighing out ingredients versus measuring them out by volume. Less dishes! This one (EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale with Extra Large LCD and 11 lb Capacity, $25) seems reasonable, and I like that the numbers are large!
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And then for the gamer you love: Professor Layton and the Last Specter, $29.99! I love these puzzle games. Other good options: Piccross 3D, Plants vs. Zombies (this one's on my personal wishlist!), some iteration of Final Fantasy, a fun family Wii game (Guilty Party is cute!), Skyward Sword, a massive Xbox360 shooter...the list is endless.
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If you wanted to go more old school, board games are still fun! Ticket to Ride, $49.99 (usually on sale at Amazon) is a personal favorite. You have to make train routes to match tickets that you pick up. There's a Europe version, too. Other fun, interesting games include Carcassone, standbys like Uno, and ones on my wishlist: Pandemic, Power Grid, Forbidden Island

S.'s wishlist includes a dog hammock for Dennison (to put in the car!), warm house slippers, gloves, a Kindle cover, a rain shell jacket, a pasta maker attachment for the KitchenAid, Amazon/iTunes gift cards. In the past, he's asked for fun belt buckles (like this one!), a good chef's knife, Nintendo DS video games, a nice messenger bag, and a pea coat. This year, I bought him a Kindle Touch (and he bought one for me ;) ).

I tried to include a little bit of everything.  If you're looking for more ideas, visit:
Amazon's Gift Guides

Is there anything you'd add?