Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cake Milk Made Hand Cream Smells AWESOME

I was looking for a new hand cream, because the last one I had, suddenly smelled funny.  It had definitely turned.  And I wasn't so enamored with it that I was going to buy another one, because I don't think I want something that goes bad so quickly.  As a climber and a chemist and someone who constantly washes her hands (and who also gets a rash in the winter if my hands dry out too much), I need to have a hand cream.  I'm usually pretty bad about it, but I'm determined to be more consistent about keeping my hands moisturized.  It would help if I had a really good hand cream, I decided.

So I tweeted for help.  And Ashley came to the rescue!  She suggested Cake Beauty's Milk Made Velveteen Hand Crème.  I threw that into my second Sephora order (hey, I forgot the Clarisonic brush heads the first time, okay?  And...I apparently can't just order one thing. Sigh) and sat back and waited. It came, and my first impression was that this was very pretty packaging.  That soft pink, the ingredients right on the back of the tube, the flat, slanted head so that it stands up on its own - fantastic.  And then I opened it up, and squeezed some out - and nearly fell over. It. Smells. So. Good.  I wish I could send this smell to you, across the Internet. It's raspberry and creamy but not cloying, and it does linger for quite some time. It's not sickeningly sweet (at least, I don't find it to be), but it is noticeable. For me, that's a selling point. But then, I like raspberries.

And the texture is amazing, as well. It's light and not greasy at all; it's smooth and almost whipped; it sinks right into my hands.  A little also goes a long way. I have also noticed that my hands do feel a lot better afterward - the cream is soothing and, as Ashley says, "fluffy."
A dot! I would use maybe a tiny bit more than this for both hands.
As I said, it's right on the back of the tube, which is so helpful. The tube is small and slim and easy to throw into my backpack or my purse, which I like - the point is to use the thing, at all times. It stands up on my desk and on my dresser, which is also excellent.  Win, all around! Erm, except, I'd advise you to avoid accidentally overapplying hand cream right before you brush your teeth. I never realized how deft you have to be to maneuver a stupid toothbrush.

Try it if: You're looking for a luxurious, sweet-smelling hand cream that isn't greasy or sticky.
Skip it if: You're not a fan of scented hand cream, or of raspberries.

$16 for 3.4 oz at (online only).