Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Urban Decay Woodstock

I've purchased two of these; the first one ended up with my mother, so I bought another one during a Sephora FF sale, a looong time ago.  I love this color, even though I'm not big on pink, in general.  I think there are always exceptions to the rule ;)

Urban Decay Woodstock is a bright fuchsia with sparkles, and it's also one of Urban Decay's newer shadows (newer, not new - I'm not sure when Urban Decay last came out with new shadows); this newer formula is paraben-free, while the older one wasn't.  At, least, so far as I could tell.  Urban Decay's website does list ingredients, which is very helpful.  I used to love Urban Decay's shadows when I could use them all, so I hope they move to the newer formula, as it seems just as good, application wise.

Woodstock is a warmer pink, and has a subtle metallic sheen; it's not patchy and goes on fairly smoothly.  It also gets bright in a hurry, so I'd apply with a light hand.  It used to be a Sephora exclusive shade, but is now available on Urban Decay's site; there, it is listed as a "shimmer" shade, which is described as "a sexy sheen - no glitter," but as you can see in the swatch above, there are tiny sparkles in Woodstock.

Try it if: You like bright, shimmery pink shades with a reliable formula.
Skip it if: Sheer washes or mattes are more your speed.

$17 on or at Sephora.