Monday, October 3, 2011

September Favorites!

I swear, the months just keep zipping by.  I am teaching this quarter (lead TA for a general chemistry course - freshmen level) and the professor teaching the course is my boss, so it's not quite so bad, but it's still bad.  Freshmen are so jaded!  I can understand if seniors are jaded, but freshmen?  Was high school really that awful?  Jeez.  Anyway, I hope the following months zip by, too.

The list isn't huge this month; I was feeling rather uninspired in terms of eye makeup, and kept it mostly neutral, with lip colors and cheek colors being the stars this month.  Weird, right?

Dior 215 Primrose Crystal 
My perfect "my lips but better" shade.  It feels good on my lips and is extremely wearable.  This is the kind of thing you can slick on while you're trying to get one shoe on and feed the dog his I'm-leaving-be-a-good-boy-and-don't-eat-the-sofa-treat before you sprint out the door.  We're not always in that much of a rush, but occasionally it does happen.  I also don't always need a lip product, but sometimes I can use the extra brightening boost that this gives my face.  I love, love, love this one.  Find my original review here.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 
I've mentioned this before, but this time I've got a full-sized version. And it's huge!  Just a teeny tiny bit soothes my skin and restores hydration, making my skin less patchy and dry and flaky.  I can also see using this on my heels and elbows during the winter.  I find it intriguing that something intense enough for those problem areas, is also gentle enough for your face.  Because it truly is multi-purpose - not excessively rich and completely non-greasy.  It's been dry here, and this has been an awesome supplement to my daily skincare regime!  I'll try to do a full review soon.

Flourish Saltwater Perfume Oil
This is such a lovely summer scent.  It kind of reminds me of my pureDKNY Verbena, though it's not as citrusy or strong, and is actually more complex.  I wish it lasted longer on my skin, but it's still a favorite.  I will be buying a full version, for sure.  Find my review here.

MAC Frankly Scarlet blush
Last month was all about bright eyes and neutral cheeks; this month has been all about bright cheeks and neutral eyes!  This is a great one for that - just the lightest swipe with a fluffy brush gives me a healthy, flushed glow.  Liz and I compared swatches and have decided that MAC Frankly Scarlet and Tarte's Natural Beauty are pretty much the same shade, so if you have one, you can probably skip the other (look, we're being helpful!).  Find my original review here.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Charming Coral blush
This was a GWP and I really like the bright, matte color.  The container is tiny (understandable, as it's a GWP) and little cumbersome to work with - though fabulous to store - but I just tap some out on a tissue or the back of a business card, and then it's good to go.  It's a great coral, and gives a slightly more natural look than Frankly Scarlet.  These two were in constant rotation.  I'm sad that this isn't a permanent offering with Darling Girl Cosmetics, but it takes me an awfully long time to go through a product, so I don't really think I'll run out.  Ever.

What were your favorites in September?  Leave a link to your posts, or let me know in the comments!

Also...stay tuned for the dreaded Moment of Truth post coming up later today.