Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quickie: DGC Halloween Lip Gloss Swatches

[Not that kind of quickie, you!  This is a PG blog, geez.  ... ... Okay.  Maybe PG-13.  But still.]

This is just a quick update to show swatches of the Darling Girl Cosmetics Halloween lip glosses that I purchased.  They are all holo glosses, and pretty unique, in my opinion.  The lighting may not be the same in all of them because I can't power lip swatch like some bloggers (my lips just can't take it), so these were all done on separate occasions.  Here's the arm swatch, for reference.
Poison Apple
This one does look green on my lips, though it's wearable, as it comes off as a darkened gold in most lights, with just the faintest eerie tinge.  I think it could make me look ill in some situations (depending on how bad my panda eyes are that day, etc.) but it's overall a lot of fun.
Green and red flecks, hurray!
Here's one blurred slightly to show the shimmer and shine!
Vampire's Kiss
Gives me sheer, black cherry lips with sparkle!
Lots of purple glitter in a blackened base.
Going Batty
This one is a darkened blood color, with green shift.  It gave me a little bit of trouble with application, as it's a little patchy in places.  I've removed the little bottleneck plastic guy so that I can get out more gloss on the wand, but it takes a bit of work to smooth it out.
You can see it's a bit patchy, but from far away it looks like a shimmery bronzy gloss with green shift.
Sorry they aren't the best, but these glosses are a bit hard to photograph properly!  I think they are all wearable because they aren't opaque, and they are festive and fun!  For the original review, click here.