Sunday, October 23, 2011

Foundation Swatches

Here are the promised foundation swatches.  I was almost alarmed by how different some of them are.  I've reviewed the Guerlain here, the YSL here, the Tarte here, the Dior here, and the Chanel here.  I used the Bobbi Brown for a while at some point, but it's a bit too yellow, and the finish is unremarkable.

Here's the lineup.  I'm primarily a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer girl, though I do use a powder in the summer (Estée Lauder).  My favorites in here are the Dior tinted moisturizer and recently, the Chanel; those are probably the only ones I use with any sort of regularity.  I *think* the Guerlain oxidizes on me - or is a little too pink after all; the YSL is fairly heavy, Tarte's doesn't really do...anything, and I already told you how I felt about the Bobbi Brown.
Chanel Perfection Lumière, YSL Teint Radiance, Tarte Smooth Operator, Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation, Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint

My shades are, L-R, 20 Beige, 04 Sand, Agent 06, 4.25 Natural Tan, 02 Beige Clair, 1 Natural.  All of these contain some sort of SPF rating.

Doesn't the Bobbi Brown look shockingly orange?  Eep!  You can see that the Guerlain is also a little bit too pink for me, and it tends to show up pinky orange in some lights, too.  The Dior looks a bit dark here, but since it's a tinted moisturizer, it blends very well into my skin and actually doesn't look too pink on me.  The YSL is the lightest, and tends to show up very white in photos, which is a bit alarming.  You can see that the Chanel is probably the best match color-wise for me, too.
Here's one with flash, just for kicks.

As far as texture goes, the YSL is the thickest, and Guerlain and this Bobbi Brown are the most watery.  The Dior tinted moisturizer is not as wet - almost more creamy - and Chanel's also has a thicker consistency.

In terms of coverage, Tarte's is the sheerest, and YSL is the heaviest, I think, though the Dior gives pretty impressive coverage for a tinted moisturizer.  Chanel falls in the middle somewhere.

And, we'll finish with: finish (ha!): Chanel's is powdery, semi-matte, and natural.  YSL's is matte and not as translucent as the Chanel, but still glowy.  Tarte's Smooth Operator isn't really noticeable to me - very, very natural and sheer.  The Bobbi Brown Natural Finish is um, natural - not matte or dewy or even polished - and doesn't give me any sort of glow.  Guerlain's is more matte, and silky.  Dior's is definitely dewy.

Okay. That was kind of a mish-mash post, but hopefully you will find it at least semi-helpful!